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2:10 ET – Our first and so far only clear of the day has come from Beezie Madden and Quister, a 12 -year-old Selle Francais Gelding.

2:12 ET – Capt. Brian Coourname (IRL) and Javas Keltic Mist, Teddy Boris (ISR) and Audrey Coulter (USA) and Alex have attempted the course with at least two rails apiece.

2:14 ET – Andrew Kocher had eight faults today aboard Uppie de Lis

2:18 ET – Pablo Barrios of Venezuela is our second clear round of the day aboard Antares!

2:21 ET – Sharn Wordley of New Zealand will almost certainly qualify for the final with four faults aboard Casper, a 10-year-old Oldenburg.

2:23 ET – Danielle Torano and Callas III look strong overall but have three rails, two which were quite unlucky.

2:25 ET – The steady striding to the Hermes fence has proven very difficult for many of the horses to read early on, including our most recent competitor, Ilan Bluman of Colombia on Ladriano Z who picked up 8 faults altogether.

2:28 ET – Lauren Tisbo in now on Coriandolo di Ribano,  a stunning bay 9 year old stallion. They were preceded by Andrew Bourns and Hyakari of Ireland, who had 12 faults.

2:30 ET – Heartbreaker! Lauren has such a scrappy round only to have the last rail down. Bummer, but they’ll be back for the Cup with that round.laurenLauren Tisbo. Screenshot via YouTube.

2:32 ET – Ljubov Kochetova (RUS) and Balou du Reventon are our third clear JUST under the time (not even 2/10s of a second to spare!)

2:34 ET – Jonathan McCrea (USA) and Aristoteles V also in clear for the jump-off! Beautiful, smooth round.

2:37 ET – Katie Cox and Hocus Pocus are newer to this level and got some experience in this round with 20 faults. katie-coxKatie Cox and Hocus Pocus. Screenshot via YouTube.

2:38 ET – Paul O’Shea (IRL) and Primo Calypso has trouble in the triple combination to end with 12 faults.

2:40 ET – Samuel Parot of Chile had a lot of horse to manage today – more like a sequel to How to Train Your Dragon – and have twelve faults. samuelSamuel’s Quick du Pottier throwing some shade

2:42 ET – Todd Minikus get out of a sticky round with just one rail to qualify for the final, but not today’s jump-off.

2:45 ET – Emanuel Andrade has an unfortunate 25 faults scattered across the course to end his quest for the cup.

2:47 ET – Show Jumper/Eventer Marilyn Little and Clearwater had a beautiful round and then just brought the last rail of the triple and the final fence of the course down. Rather crushing, but they’re in 10th at the moment, so they may still make the cut for the Cup.marilynMarilyn Little and Clearwater. Screenshot via Youtube.

2:54 ET – Peter Lutz and Robin de Ponthual’s training with Mclain Ward has paid off – he’s got a clear round and will be coming back for the jump-off later today!

peterPeter Lutz and Robin

2:56 ET – Kent Farrington and Gazelle have the ‘c’ element down of the triple combination in an otherwise smooth and effortless round. They’ll be disappointed today, but back for the most important class this weekend.

kent-gazelleKent Farrington and Gazelle. Screenshot via YouTube. 

2:58 ET – Jimmy Torano and Day Dream have eight faults at the very end of the course.

3:02 ET – Georgina Bloomberg and Crown were looking positively spectacular until the triple combination, where they had the B and C down, as well as the final tall but unassuming vertical. geoggGeorgina Bloomberg and Crown. 

3:07 ET – Andy Kocher comes back with his second ride of the day on Ciana and unfortunately has 16 faults.

3:09 ET – Saugerties Million winner Jessica Springsteen and Cynar V collect eight faults at a few odd spots on course, but it should be good enough to come back for the Cup on Sunday. jjj Jessica Springsteen. 

3:11 ET – Daniela Stransky and Thriller P are our first retirement of the day after slamming into the ‘a’ element of the triple. Tough luck!

3:13 ET – Laura Kraut and Confu are clear after a VERY technical and scrappy ride to join the jump-off crew!

lauraLaura Kraut and Confu. Screenshot via YouTube. 

3:17 ET – Ali Wolffe and Quirri finish on eight faults to likely make the cut for the American Gold Cup final on Sunday.

3:20 ET – Nicholas Dello Joio and Corlida finish with 9 faults. Kevin McCarthy and Analyze This (IRL) look very skittish, and Kevin decides to retire.

3:33 ET – Dorothy Douglas and SL Elite, a 9-year-old Belgian Warmblood, have an unfortunate 21 faults today. Tough luck.

3:35 ET – Keean White of Canada and Corette bring down the very last fence down after a superb round! just rubbed it on her way down, what a heartbreaker.

3:36 ET – Quick break for ring maintenance! Here are the clean rounds up to now:clears-to-break

3:33 ET – Audrey Coulter is back for her second round aboard Apollonia, and has the ‘c’ element and the final fence down after such a nice round, which has proven to be the bogey on course so far today.

3:35 ET – Marilyn Little is also back for her next ride on Corona. They have the Just World International vertical, the Hermes fence, and the final fence down to finish on a score of 13 with the added time fault.

3:38 ET – Mclain Ward and HH Carlos have such a nice round but have a huge oxer down early to finish on 4 faults. You can see the fence he bobbled below – he just clipped the front rail on the way up and hadn’t found his rhythm yet on course.


3:41 – Lucy Deslauriers has the 7th clear round of the day aboard Hester!

3:45 – David Raposa and S&L Sage opt to retire after some trouble on course.

3:46 – Hampton Classic Grand Prix winner Richie Moloney and Carrabis Z have what should have been a jump-off round until they bring down that damned final fence that has been breaking hearts and bank accounts all day. Yuck!

3:50 – The final rail strikes again! Shane Sweetnam and Chaqui Z have an otherwise perfect round.

3:52 – Georgina Bloomberg learns from the mistakes of her earlier round and goes clear aboard Caleno to join the jump-off round and qualify for the American Gold Cup! georgina-2

3:58 ET – Nayel Nassar and Lordan *basically* go clear if not for the ridiculous final fence which has plagued the best of them today. They’ll be back on Sunday.

4:01 ET – Oh my goodness! Katie Dinan and Dougie Douglas put in a textbook round, but are over time to add a single time fault. they’ll definitely be back on Sunday for revenge, however!

4:04 ET – Catherine Tyree and Enjoy Louis were second in the Saugerties Million last week and today were cursed by that final fence to have four faults. It’s enough to qualify for Sunday, at least.

4:06 ET – Conor Swail and Cita have an absolute textbook round and are JUST under the time to join the jump-off!

4:09 ET – Alison Firestone Robitaille and Ace looked so sharp, but on this tough course still came home with eight faults.

4:14 ET – Keean White of Canada and For Freedom Z are the tenth clear round of the day!

4:17 ET – Jessica Springsteen’s second ride of the day aboard Tiger Lily doesn’t go to plan with two rails and a circle at the final fence, but she pushes through and gives the mare a good pat for her effort. Lily just looked a bit fresh and strong throughout.

4:21 ET – Mclain Ward couldn’t have asked for anything else from the lovely young wunderkind Tina La Boheme, but still bring down pretty much my least favorite fence on any course ever, the final liverpool vertical of the American Gold Cup Qualifier.


4:27 ET – Sharn Wordley, Vanessa Mannix, Shane Sweetnam and Abigail Mcardle all tackled the course and couldn’t sniff out a clear round among them, leaving the jump-off count at 10 to this point. There are eight riders left to jump.

4:30 ET “There are bogey fences, and then there are terrors. That fence is a terror.” – FEI announcer. Amen, announcer.

4:34 ET – Adam Prudent has sixteen faults with Victorio 5, as do Samuel Parot and Couscous.

4:40 ET – Adrienne Sternlicht and Toulago do not go quietly into the night, clinching the 11th jump-off spot with a double clear round!

4:45 ET – Conor Swail and Tiffany Cambria each incur jump faults to keep them out of the jump-off to keep the crowd at 11.

The final qualified riders for the Jump-off are as follows, though we’ve heard that Ljubov Kochetova of Russia has opted not to jump in the jump-off today:jump-off-final


Congratulations to Georgina Bloomberg on an incredible win, and best of luck to her and all the competitors in the American Gold Cup final on Sunday!


This concludes our live coverage for today, but we’ll be publishing a full report on the class and the jump-off tonight.

Thanks for reading, and Go Jumping!