Are You Risqué Enough for Rouge?

For many years, it would have been absolutely shocking to see a red coat of any shade in the everyday show ring. While ‘pinque coats’ (bright crimson coats of a particular style) were granted to riders who have represented the United States internationally, any other variety of red was considered tacky at best, taboo at the least, and against the rules at worst.

Now, slowly but surely, reds and shades of it are making their way into the jumper ring. While there are still some common sense rules about pinque coats, the rules don’t say anything about cranberry! In fact, we recently spotted Global Champions tour member Luciana Diniz sporting a pretty spectacular berry coat at the last tour stop in Chantilly.

Luciana Diniz made the second round but did not advance to the jump-off. PC: LGCT/Stefano Grasso

PC: LGCT/Stefano Grasso

While you probably won’t see a red coat in the ever-so-rigid hunter divisions anytime soon, let the jumpers go wild, as they tend to do. In honor of the crimson comeback, here’s a collection of some of our favorite rouge-flavored hunt coats!

Go Jumping!