Love It or Hate It? The Antares “Nude” Helmet

Nude pumps. Nude handbags. And of course, nude bodysuits. Just when you thought they’d made everything you’d ever want to see in the buff (besides Ryan Reynolds, of course), Antares goes and makes a nude riding helmet.

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From an aesthetic perspective, it’s provocative; sleek design, thoughtful juxtaposition of textures and trimmings, and certainly unique — but does that mean you’d want to wear it?

We can’t provide an exact price, as this is a custom option, but most Antares helmets run between $550-950 each. They can be tricked out in nearly any color combination you can fathom, custom logos added, and Swarovski crystal embellishments available as well, just in case you weren’t already getting quite enough attention in one of these brain buckets.

No matter what helmet you sport, just make sure it’s always on your noggin and not in the box! Safety first, guys and gals.

More info on Antares here.

Go Jumping!