Beezie Madden Gets a Chip & is 100% Open About It

Just another reason to #BeLikeBeezie, am I right?

You know those people who naturally have this ability to see the right distance every single time? Yeah… I don’t like those people. Mostly because I am not one of them. I am the queen of the long spot, the distance that makes people cringe and watch through squinted eyes. Thankfully I am getting better at gauging my pace and finding the rhythm, but I am not always perfect. When you think about it though, who is?

I always thought the pros I look up to were perfect. How often do you see the McLain Wards and Beezie Maddens of the world galloping up to a big ole chip? While it isn’t as often as my holy mother of pearl long spots, Beezie recently took a step back from being amazing to remind us all that sometimes chips happen.

So remember— no rider is perfect, no matter how many medals they have won. And when you find yourself in a sticky situation, dig in and get it done and praise your pony afterwards!

Posted by Genevieve Edwards on Friday, November 2, 2018

Go Jumping!