Best of #selfquarantine and #socialdistancing

As the vast majority of us are in full-on #selfquarantine and #socialdistancing mode, let’s dive in to what we’re doing to spend our time.


Many of us are working from home…

Some of us are still able to ride (we just maintain our distance)!

Yoga is an excellent way to relax.

A good book never fails, either!

We can exercise off our horses (in a button-down shirt, for extra points, as Doug Payne is doing here)…

We can also really exercise off our horses!

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Social distancing: Vegas edition 🎰

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Some of us are living that sleeping life…

Others are looking for wine, or Ace.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a stay-at-home cause and can participate, absolutely check out this way to #selfquarantine while still maintaining your #socialdistancing – the Stay at Home Equitation Classic.


Go Jumping (at home)!