Update to USEF COVID-19 Competition Action Plan Released

The following update was released on October 7, 2020.

Dear Competition Organizers (Licensees and Managers) and Licensed Officials,

Now that we are entering the fall season and many competitions will be moving to indoor venues, it’s more important than ever to remain vigilant in our efforts to reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission.

Public health authorities continue to advocate that social distancing, the use of face masks/face coverings, and frequent hand sanitization are proven methods for combating virus spread. These practices continue to represent the cornerstones of our USEF COVID-19 Action Plan for USEF-Licensed Competitions. As we continue to monitor the situation across the nation, we regularly consult with USEF’s Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Hart, and follow the guidance provided by public health authorities. This periodically results in amending the Action Plan accordingly.

The most recent updates made to the Action Plan were published and became effective yesterday, October 6. You can access these updates by clicking hereThey include:

  • Clarification that Competition Organizers are required to notify local public health authorities in addition to USEF if an individual who was present on the competition grounds tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the conclusion of competition.
  • The requirement that any person who was present on competition grounds and tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the competition must immediately contact USEF, the Competition Organizer, and local public health authorities. Further, Competition Organizers will provide the reporting individual with contact information for the local public health authorities, who will perform contact tracing.
  • New guidance to competition organizers for properly setting up officials’ areas to comply with social distancing requirements.

Additionally, we have expanded the definition of Competition Staff. We have clarified that any reference to Officials or Licensed Officials encompasses all types of competition officials, including those individuals who are participating in an educational activity for a USEF or Recognized Affiliate licensing program. This includes apprentices, training program participants, dressage applicants observing or sitting, clinicians, instructors, etc.

Just as a reminder, you can access many other useful resources besides the Action Plan by visiting the online Licensed Competitions COVID-19 Toolkit for Competition Organizers and Participants.

Thank you for continuing to do your part to make competitions as safe as possible for all constituents and, in doing so, allowing the competition environment to remain open.

Best Regards,




William J. Moroney

Chief Executive Officer, US Equestrian