Blue-haired, Fashion-obsessed, and Talented: Danielle Goldstein of Israel is the Hero Show Jumping Needs

Danielle Goldstein and Lizziemary. PC: Stefano Grasso/LGCT

This past weekend in Cascais, Portugal, Danielle Goldstein added another feather to her show jumping cap when she claimed her very first LGCT Grand Prix win on her mare Lizziemary – this after tying for the six-bar win last week in Paris.

The 32-year-old is having a hot streak against the top riders in the world, and her big personality make her an ideal star for the sport. If you don’t know this rising talent, here’s a handful of facts about Danielle Goldstein to excited for the future.

1 – Girl Can Ride. Here’s the split screen from this past weekend demonstrating how a few good gallops and nixing some strides helped her beat out the #20 rider in the world.

2 – She owns her own farm in Wellington. Danielle is owner of Starwyn Farms, a stunning private boarding and training facility with a jaw-dropping barn, a sand arena and grand prix turf field – all in the heart of the Grand Prix village.

Courtesy of Starwyn Farms

3 – She is a fashionista at home and on tour. Danielle has been known to wear some pretty exciting looks on tour, from beautifully tailored coats with extra frills to patterned breeches. And of course, she’s flaunted an ever-changing coife of hair which is a fitting blue ombre at the moment (to match her ribbons, of course!)

A little sneak peak from behind the scenes at the photoshoot we did a few weeks ago! Thank you to Ifat Zohar, Lior Gallay, Linda from Salon Lila and Wilma from De Kaptafel. Also thanks to Charles Ancona New York for the fabulous show coats, Fredrik Stattin, Olga Bykova and everyone else who made the day possible!! Such a fun time shooting, talking about my unique take on fashion in the horse world, representing Israel internationally and doing what I love on a daily basis!

Posted by Danielle Goldstein/Starwyn Farms LLC on Saturday, July 8, 2017

4 – She was born in the United States, but switched her citizenship to Israel in 2010. Growing up in New York City, Danielle feels strong ties to Israel because of her heritage, family, and faith, but like many riders, her career requires her to live near the events and facilities that will serve her best. That being said, she maintains a part-time residence in Tel Aviv and visits Israel as often as she can to promote the sport there and better represent her country. She one day hopes to represent Israel in the Olympics.

5 – She loves to teach. Danielle trains other riders at Starwyn Farms, as well as offering clinics and more around the world (her passion to share has even pushed her to teach young riders in developing countries like Barbados). She co-founded the International Equestrian Education Horsemanship Course to teach ambitious riders the ins and outs of the sport, and they hope to spread the program to more countries in the future.

It’s exciting to see an FEI rider move up the ranks who has an active social media, a big personality, and a true passion for teaching. Danielle is exactly what the sport of show jumping needs, and we hope her talent and work ethic continue to push her up the rankings.

Learn more about Danielle by following her on Facebook or visiting her website.

Go Jumping!