California Wildfires: Help the California Wildlife Fund, Win ManeJane California Spur Straps

Nature’s powerful forces are at work as the California wildfires continue to blaze.  This year marks a historic fire season, with over 1,660,332 acres burned at the time of writing.  As the fires spread, people are driven from their homes, becoming ill from smoke exposure, or dying — and wildlife is no different.

Photo by Casey Horner/Unsplash/CC.

Jumper Nation and ManeJane have partnered to support the California Wildlife Fund — how can YOU help?

  • Click here and donate a minimum of $10.
  • Submit proof of your donation (a screenshot with your personal information blacked out is fine) via Facebook Messenger to Jumper Nation, Instagram DM to Jumper Nation, or email to:
  • You’ll be in the running to win one of TWO prize packs donated from ManeJane as thanks for your help, including these California spur straps and two pairs of socks (a $65 value)!

Photo by ManeJane.

Share this post so we can all have a greater impact!  This effort runs from Sunday, 8/30 – Saturday, 9/05.

About ManeJane

ManeJane creates spur straps with charms that vary from fun to fanciful to serious, from fruit to rocketships to champagne glasses.  Add a little pop of color to your spurs.  Custom options and belts are available, as well.  ManeJane is a part of Dreamers & Schemers, a boot sock company specializing in creative designs to suit the horse-crazy dreamer in all of us.

Please note that this event/contest originally appeared on Instagram but is not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook.  Winners will be selected randomly from those who have donated a minimum of $10 to the California Wildlife Fund.  Original post is below: