VIDEO: Chris Megahey Hits The Heights To Win New Year’s Eve Puissance at Liverpool

Chris. Photo courtesy of Liverpool International.

Chris Megahey and Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier. Photo courtesy of Liverpool International.

Northern Irishman Chris Megahey made a giant leap into 2017 when he soared to victory in a thrilling puissance at the Liverpool International Horse Show.

The class, sponsored by Equitop Myoplast, was billed as the New Year’s Eve highlight at Liverpool’s Echo Arena, and it did not disappoint as 18-year-old Chris claimed victory from one of his fiercest puissance rivals Peter Smyth.

Chris and Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier cleared the famous red wall at 2.10 metres (6ft 11in), and celebrated in style as a bumper crowd revelled in his brilliant performance.

“I am really happy,” he said. “He is not a normal horse, he is very special. We’ve had him since he was an eight-year-old, and we have never quite found what to do with him. He evented for a while, and then I jumped him for a while, and we sort of fell into puissance. And I have to say, ever since we started, he has been a real star.”

“I love the puissance, ” Chris continued. “You get a little bit nervous with him, because you don’t know what he can do, but as long as you get him to the right spot, he will always try his best.”

“The puissance is a competition that the crowd loves, and the atmosphere in there was brilliant.”

Watch his winning clearance here:

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