Watch: Thrilling Knockout Finale from Liverpool

Britain’s Chloe Aston successfully defended her title in the knockout competition at the Liverpool International Horse Show, sponsored by Redrow Homes.

Sixteen riders faced off in round one before moving on to quarter-finals, semi-finals and final, and it proved a thrilling showdown between Chloe and her fellow renowned speed merchant Guy Williams.

Chloe, riding Amigo T, said: “To be fair, I didn’t think I was going to beat him, so I was extremely pleased with the outcome. The first round is always the hardest in this competition for me, because my horse has a little bit of his own mind. When he does the first round and he knows where he is going, he kind of just does the rest from there, and I have to follow him!

“I try to take strides because he is not the best horse at turning, but he has an incredibly big stride for a small horse. He wins so many classes for me.

“I’ve had him since he was five-years-old, and he is now 11, so I know him inside out. To win a class like that, you have to know your horse.”

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