Christian Heineking Wins $100K 1.45m FEI Grand Prix to Culminate Split Rock Jumping Tour’s Columbus International II CSI2*

Christian Heineking rode NKH Cento Blue to victory in the $100,000 1.45m FEI Grand Prix to close Split Rock Jumping Tour’s Columbus International II CSI2*, culminating two weeks of world-class show jumping competition at the Brave Horse Equestrian Center.

Out of a starting field of 51 horses, Heineking was one of eight to reach the tiebreaking jump-off by riding without penalty over the 13-jump, first-round course designed by Oscar Soberon. Seven entries then turned in another clean round over the seven-jump, jump-off course with Heineking claiming the win with the fastest time of 36.750 seconds. Placing second was Harrie Smolders with zero faults in 37.490 seconds on Hocus Pocus De Muze with third going to Hunter Holloway who finished with zero faults in 38.070 seconds on Pepita Con Spita.
Christian Heineking (center) with Harrie Smolders (right) and Hunter Holloway (left) with Split Rock Jumping Tour Founder and CEO Derek Braun. Photo by Winslow Photography LLC.

“I saw the round and I thought I would give it a try,” said Heineking.
Jeffery Welles (left) with Split Rock Jumping Tour Founder and CEO Derek Braun. Photo by Winslow Photography LLC.

Following the Grand Prix, Georgina Bloomberg was named winner of the Restylane® Leading Rider Award. Continuing a Split Rock Jumping Tour tradition, $1,000 was awarded to Jeffery Welles as winner of the Horseflight Fist Pump Award.

Restylane® Leading Rider Georgina Bloomberg. Photo by Winslow Photography LLC.

Both weeks in Columbus featured a full schedule of show jumping classes ranging in height from .85m to 1.45m with classes for juniors, amateurs and top professionals. Each week included three FEI classes. “These two weeks were among the best horse shows we’ve ever hosted,” said Split Rock Jumping Tour Founder and CEO Derek Braun. “Despite the challenges the COVID pandemic has presented, we’ve had a great year and we’ll be ending the year with a brand new event at Aiken. I then invite everyone to get ready for an incredible year in 2021 when the Split Rock Jumping Tour will be taking things to a whole new level!”

Following this week’s event, the Split Rock Jumping Tour has one remaining event on its 2020 schedule – the Aiken International CSI2*, November 4-8 at Aiken Horse Park in Aiken, SC.

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