Clinics for a Cause: More Professionals Added for You to Improve Your Riding

The Online Riders Collective is a new organization founded by Alice Bruno and Jess Clawson, aiming to help riders comply with COVID-19 safety measures while still improving their riding.

The Collective’s primary project is Clinics for a Cause.  Top professionals across disciplines have kindly offered their time to critique your own riding videos.  Professionals continue to be added to the list!  You can send in up to 15 minutes of riding in one video for $40, and a portion of proceeds benefit the Equestrian Aid Foundation — a foundation assisting people in the equestrian world coping with catastrophic injury or illness.

Photo by Online Riders Collective.

Here is a sample feedback video from professional Emily Goldstein, as Jess Clawson takes her young horse through a dressage Training Level Test 1.  The feedback is incredibly detailed.

Professionals (from eventing, show jumping, dressage, reining, natural horsemanship, and more!) participating in Clinics for a Cause include:

  • Sissy Wickes
  • Laura Kraut
  • Phillip Dutton
  • Norman Dello Joio
  • Lauren Sprieser
  • Boyd Martin
  • Silva Martin
  • Louise Serio
  • Lendon Gray
  • Jaime Bissell
  • Michael Lynch
  • Don Stewart
  • Jennie Brannigan
  • Mallory Fields
  • Shannon Lee Dueck
  • Sandy Ferrell
  • Vincent Flores
  • Liz Halliday-Sharp
  • Val Renihan
  • Leslie Steele
  • Hillary Moore Hebert
  • Jeremy Gates
  • Alyssa Peterson
  • Michael Tokaruk
  • Lauren Fisher
  • Anna Buffini
  • Tom Wright
  • JJ Lavieri
  • Emily Goldstein
  • Wendy Wergeles
  • Bryan Penquite
  • Cathy Frederickson
  • Tom Bebb
  • Philesha Chandler
  • Taylor Land
  • Mariah Wilson
  • Jennifer Sharpnack
  • Nahshon Cook
  • Liv Gude
  • Beth Baumert
  • Kathleen Elliott
  • Tom & Clare Mansmann
  • Brittney Chambers
  • Tanja Fischera
  • Max Goodman
  • Ali Calkins
  • Hillary Rapier
  • Staci Hill
  • Kendra Clarke
  • Ally Schultz
  • Alanna Stefanek

Staying on top of our education makes an enormous difference in our relationships and training progress with our horses, regardless of whether we’re in the show ring or at home.  Let’s keep learning!

Go Jumping!

About the Online Riders Collective

Alice Bruno and Jess Clawson founded The Online Riders Collective. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled them to find a way to help riders comply with safety measures and keep improving their riding — all while giving back.  Alice Bruno owns and operates Shenandoah Sporthorses, a boutique-style company that serves busy horse people in Virginia and surrounding states.  Jess Clawson is a freelance writer and consultant. They compete in eventing and dressage with a special love for OTTBs.