OLYMPICS OLYMPICS OLYMPICS!!!! Actually, there are lots of shows going on here in the States and all over the world. Check out ShowAssist’s video of American competitions, and scroll down for the FEI events on tap this week. Photo credits for the video: McCool Photography


Tokyo Olympics!!!!

CSI4* in Saugerties, NY, USA

CSI3* in Traverse City, MI, USA

CSI3* in Saint-Lô, France

CSI2*, CSI1*, and CSIYH1* inc. 8yo in Oppglabbeek, Belgium

CSI1*, CSIYH1*, CSICh-B, CSIJ-B, and CSIO1* in Ivanovskoe, Russia

CSI1* in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

CSIU25-A, CSIY-A, CSIJ-A, CSICh-A, and CSIP in Valkenswaard, Netherlands