Competitions for July 26-August 1 in Partnership with ShowAssist

TOKYO!!! Ok, ok, show jumping doesn’t start until next week at the Tokyo Olympics but we’ve already had some amazing dressage and eventing starts on Friday! For this week, as always we have ShowAssist’s great compilation of American horse shows, as well as the (understandably short) list of FEI events, below the video.

AMERICAN SHOWS, video by ShowAssist, photo credits: McCool Photography


CSI4* in Saugerties, NY, USA

CSI3* in Herzlake, Germany

CSI2* in Traverse City, MI, USA

CSI2* in Dubrava, Russia

CSI2* in Immenhöfe, Donaueschingen, Germany

CSI2* and CSI1* in Kronenberg, Netherlands

CSI2* and CSI1* in Bonheiden, Belgium

CSI2* and CSI1* in Narni, Italy