Creative Costumes of the Great Charity Challenge: Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

It’s not every day you see Mr. Potato Head walking a course in preparation for a class, but thanks to the Great Charity Challenge (GCC) you see just that and more. The GCC shines a spotlight on over thirty Palm Beach County charities annually through a night of fun under the lights at the Palm Beach Equestrian Center. Over nine years, the GCC has distributed over $12.2 million dollars in funds to more than 220 local organizations.

This years theme was “A Night When Everyone’s a Star.” Teams of junior, amateur, and professional riders teamed together to rally for an assigned charity, all while dolled up to impersonate their favorite movie and television characters.

Each year the contestants seem to outdo themselves and this year was no exception. You can’t help but giggle at some of the costumes that made their way into the ring. We rounded up some of our favorites to share with you, courtesy of our friends at Kentucky Performance Products.

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