Custom Fly Bonnets: That Little ‘Extra’ for Your Horse at Shows, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Horse shows are a place where it’s really cool to see your horse groomed to a shine, with gleaming tack, ready to rock it in the ring.  As riders, we’ve got a decent amount of leeway to customize our look to suit our personality.  In the jumpers, we can basically wear what we want: bling on the collar of your shirt is okay, jackets often can be waived, and any color of breeches fly unless it’s a formal class.  In the hunters, technical fabrics are now the norm, and jackets like dark green are acceptable.  However, our horses get to wear…the same saddle, bridle, and (likely plain white) show pad with maybe your barn logo or your initials on it.

How can we add a little “extra” for our horses?  Maybe they do care, after all, that they get to wear a little extra bling for their time to shine in the ring.  I mean, they spook when they look at the mirror in your arena. It’s probably because they’re not wearing a cool, custom fly bonnet.  Let’s take a tour of all the cool things you can do with a custom bonnet so your horse can join you in dress-up!

Match your bonnet to the emblem or logo on your pad, like Lucy Deslauriers does here.

It’s subtle, but the shimmer on this bonnet is super gorgeous.

For a more conservative look, you can’t go wrong with classic black and a little bit of piping.

Custom stamped emblems?  We’re on it.

Matching barn logos for your bonnets like Bellis will help you identify your favorite horse and rider from a distance.

Jessica Springsteen has her country’s flag embroidered on this bonnet.  Check your 23andme or and maybe you can get multiple flags embroidered on yours.

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Representing your sponsor on your bonnet is never a bad idea!

Contrasting colors while still keeping a red piping theme throughout the outfit keeps Doug Payne in style.

If you’re in the jumpers, you can’t get penalized for having too much bonnet fun.  Add a charm like this horse in the middle and it’ll be your (not so little) secret.

Go start designing your horse’s new bonnet!  Go Jumping!

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