Dalman Jump Co. Creates Kevin Babington Jump

Last year Silver Oak created a program whereby riders could choose to donate a percentage of their prize money in any given week to The Babington Family Trust.  It was employed by the World Equestrian Center, The Winter Equestrian Festival, Traverse City Horse Shows, and Silver Oak to great effect.

This year for the 2020 season Silver Oak teamed with Traverse City Horse Shows and the Dalman Jump Company.  The result is this masterpiece being shipped to Traverse City as we speak.  Javan and the Dalman Jump Co. are the best in the business.   This is a wall, with a commissioned painting of the castle from Kevin’s hometown in Ireland.  “Javan as always went the extra mile and built something unique and impactful, typical of all of his work, but this one is truly special,” said Jeff Papows, Founder of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament.

Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.

The jump was commissioned by friends of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament to include Andrea Sinner, Marcia Radosevich, the Tisbo Family, Victoria McCullough, Carol Coleman, Michael Whitlow and Trisha Hurder.  Special thanks to these friends of The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament for their ongoing generosity.

For all those headed to enjoy the Morrissey Management group’s special attention to detail out in Traverse city please consider notifying the show office you “want to ride for Kevin.”

Warmest Regards,