Dream Farm: Land, Land, Land – and Open Floor Plans!

This week, the farm I need (okay, want) is in Aiken, South Carolina.  The entire property, house included, gives off this wonderful, airy feeling.  That might have something to do with being on a sizeable 14 acres…or maybe it’s the lofted ceilings.  There are also plenty viewing areas, outdoor seating, and stall doors that your horses can hang their heads over and beg for cookies while you stroll down your luxurious, clean barn aisle.

The property itself is incredibly practical.  Large properties can be difficult to maintain, but even the pathways between turnout paddocks are plenty large enough to fit a tractor through.  The barn aisle also is very wide, which makes horse and human traffic much easier to maneuver.  I’m also a huge turnout advocate, and the turnout is on point – enormous fields.  I can imagine my mare going to the opposite corner and not coming back inside.  Ever.

Scroll on for the gorgeousness…

1050 Clear Creek Court, Aiken, SC (Bridle Creek Equestrian)

A 9 stall, center-aisle barn has all you need inside.

The stalls are super airy, and the aisles are wide for plenty of horse and human traffic.

It’s easy to access the huge arena via a pathway straight from the barn (also, it is easy for your horse to run back to the barn if you test the theory of gravity in said arena).

The house itself is 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and provides multiple outdoor balcony and patio areas to watch riding action or turnout activities.

If the great outdoors becomes too intense, the enormous windows and lofted ceilings inside offer nearly the same atmosphere.

The turnout is absolutely gorgeous, with plenty of shade available.

In the end, if you have a bad day in the ring, you can always retreat back to your enormous kitchen and cook up some comfort food.  Stress eating can be very helpful when the time calls for it!

This property is listed at $1,495,000.  All photos by Meybohm Real Estate. To view the full listing, click here.

Jumper Nation assumes no liability for the validity of the information in this sale listing.  We always recommend consulting your realtor and conducting a complete home inspection.

Go Jumping (and dreaming)!