Portugal is gorgeous, and is the home of the Lusitano and the Alter Real, two of the lovely Iberian breeds that are best known for doing classical dressage. If you see yourself on a beautiful chonk of an Iberian, practicing your croupades and levades, perhaps a pirouette or two…or just bombing around having fun, you should give this property a look. It has a nice little barn, a sand ring, a grass riding area, and sits on 17 acres. It has a guest house with a sauna next to the sand ring, and a large inground pool in the back garden. The sprawling one-story house itself has two suites, four bedrooms, and lots of entertainment areas. The farm is less than an hour south to Lisbon, and is near the municipality of Santarém, one of the strongest fortresses in Europe and the home to kings through the Middle Ages. How hard can it be to learn Portuguese?


Manor house, inserted in a 17 ha. Plot of land.
The main house is composed by two floors, distributed as follows:
The ground floor comprehends an office, a common living room, a dining room, a social bathroom, bedrooms, a full private bathroom, two suites (one of them with closet), a laundry area and a pantry.
The first floor integrates two bedrooms, a full private bathroom, and a snooker/TV room.
The outside area is composed by a swimming pool, a garden, a sauna (inside the support house), a rest room and two full private bathrooms.
This property includes a sand riding arena, with 1.500 sqm and a lawn riding arena, with 2.400 sqm.
There is a structure prepared to receive horses, with 4 boxes, a shower area, a house of harness and two paddocks.
The property also comprises an event area/ structure for 500 persons, including parking areas and an installation for a kitchen.
The outside area totalizes 650 sqm and the total area is 17 ha., including footpaths.
This manor house is located 60 km from Lisbon and it is close to the accesses to the motorway and also close to centre of the village, which is well served of several local business and services.

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