Dream Farm: Multiple Levels of Luxury Await

We came across this property and immediately got dreamy eyes.  It is STUNNING.  First off, it’s located in the heart of Hunterdon County (horse country).  It’s also completely custom built — the house itself has four levels of living space, and the barn has two stories!  With each level, rooms have more to marvel over, including giant suites, grand staircases, and in the case of the barn, huge aisles and plenty of storage.  You literally can’t go wrong with this property!

50 Dunkard Church Rd, Delaware Twp., NJ (Thornwood Farm)

36 acres of amazingness is yours. Note the large parking lots and easy access driveway to the barn.

This staircase is super grand — welcome to your humble abode.

This master bathroom is basically bigger than our own house.

The outdoor arena is directly in front of the barn: Super easy to access.

19 stalls with excellent ventilation, rubber matting in all aisles and stalls, and an automatic watering system.

With this view, we could totally just skip the house and live in the barn instead.

This property is listed for $3,500,000.  All photos by Coldwell Banker (Global Luxury).  To view the full listing, click here.

Jumper Nation assumes no liability for the validity of the information in this sale listing.  We always recommend consulting your realtor and conducting a complete home inspection.

Go Jumping (and dreaming)!