Dream Farm: Solar Powered Oasis in the South

Have you ever wanted your own little, peaceful oasis but didn’t need (or want) tons and tons of acreage that need to be managed?  Did you also not want to completely break the bank to get that oasis?  Is this even possible when you’re looking to add horses to the property?

BUT WAIT.  It is possible.  This little parcel has everything you need, with a bed-and-breakfast vibe, equestrian facilities…and, get this — it’s solar powered!  Horses…sustainable…it really is an oasis.

68 Lottery Road, Savannah, KY (Mahogany Breezes Estate)

The property is super space efficient: 1.65 acres on 2 parcels of land, but it doesn’t feel cramped. It’s surrounded by another 1.23 acres of forest with trails.

The deck, pool, overall open feeling of the 6-bedroom house screams “paradise.”

Just a part of the trails that wind through the forest.  Bridges included!

The top of the shade covering is actually a solar panel array that powers the entire property.

You can see the solar panel more clearly here, below (bottom left, dark grey squares)!

These two friends love their home and think yours would love it here, too!

This property is listed for $2,189,100.  All photos by Coldwell Banker (Global Luxury).  To view the full listing, click here.

Jumper Nation assumes no liability for the validity of the information in this sale listing.  We always recommend consulting your realtor and conducting a complete home inspection.

Go Jumping (and dreaming)!