Dream Farm: Your Own Private Polo Estate with Lavish Extras

This property isn’t a farm…or really an estate…we’d call it an AMAZING-NESS.  A full polo estate is up for auction, and what’s even more intriguing are all of the lavish extras that it comes with: Rooftop deck accessible through a “secret door” (hmm), infinity edge pool, private garden bath, movie theater, private spa, 10 acre polo field (20 acres total on the property), parking for 100 cars, wine cellar that holds 5,000 bottles of wine, and of course your very own driving range to satisfy that golfing itch. Who wants to help us put in a bid?

120 Montecito Ranch Lane, Summerland, CA (Montecito Ranch)

Minutes from hiking in the canyon and your own ocean views!

What we wouldn’t give to have a gallop on this polo field…

How luxe is this secret, hidden bath?!

So, if you can’t find us, we’ll be living here…

The entrance to the barn is majestic, but also practical — note the large driveway/trailer turnaround space.

Enjoy the view from the veranda!

Super airy stalls (and of course, plenty of turnout to match).

Finished riding? Stroll on over here and play a little round.

The best place to finish up the weekend.

This property is listed for auction at $65,000,000, no reserve. Bidding starts November 16.  All photos by Concierge Auctions. To view the full listing, click here.

Jumper Nation assumes no liability for the validity of the information in this sale listing.  We always recommend consulting your realtor and conducting a complete home inspection.

Go Jumping (and dreaming)!