Dream Farm: Your Own Southwestern Resort

Many times, in order to go to a resort, we have to get in a car or board a plane…travel for several hours…fight through baggage claim…face lots of general travel stress when you can’t find your suitcase, grab a rental car, drive another hour to the resort, and then maybe settle in for a week, enjoy the pool, and whomp, whomp…time to go back to the real world.

BUT WAIT!  There is a solution to this.  Simply buy this ranch!  It’s your own resort, so you never have to leave your own home to go on a vacation.

1280 N Forty Rd, Wickenburg, AZ (North Forty Ranch)

Welcome to your abode: The main home is 6,200 SF, and there are also 5 guesthouses.

Of course, besides a swimming pool and tennis courts on 90 acres, the entire property is designed for relaxation, whether alone or with guests.

Can you say “Make lots of pizza!” with this oven?

After your pizza, head on over to your barn to ride; stalls are shaded and the barn has heat for chilly winters.  It also has a hot walker — and a large animal scale!

The arena is 3/4 acre, and there are over 27 acres of fenced pasture, along with dirt runs.

After your ride, head back to the pool in the evening — and maybe make another pizza.

This property is listed for $8,749,000.  All photos by Coldwell Banker.  To view the full listing, click here.

Jumper Nation assumes no liability for the validity of the information in this sale listing.  We always recommend consulting your realtor and conducting a complete home inspection.

Go Jumping (and dreaming)!