Editor’s Choice: My Top 5 Saturday Virtual Vendor Village Picks

Been missing out on shopping the vendors of spring events? All of us across Nation Media, on Jumper NationHorse Nation, and Eventing Nation are SO excited about the Virtual Vendor Village taking place this week, a week-long online opportunity to score some fantastic deals and discover new products from our favorite brands.  It’s also a great way to show our support for equestrian businesses that have had to close down shop due to COVID-19 restrictions.  It truly does take a “village”!

Each day doesn’t just involve amazing deals to shop.  Surprises abound!  Other awesome events taking place today include:



  • Join us live for a chat with Canadian Olympian Selena O’Hanlon and enter for a chance to win a prize from Omega Alpha at 11am EST on Saturday, April 25.
  • Get to know Savannah ‘Woodge’ Fulton in our final World Equestrian Brands Q&A! Be sure to tune in to hear trivia questions for a chance to WIN a Leather Care Package. Join us live at 1 pm EST on Saturday, April 25!
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WATCH PARTY: USEF Network is rolling out its Land Rover Kentucky archives this week! If you’re not already a USEF member, use promo code ENLRK3DE to access. For cross country day, Virtual Kentucky takes us back to 2012 with the full cross-country program, freshly hosted by commentator extraordinaire John Kyle with special guests including Boyd Martin and Allison Springer. Tune in here — and take a cue from Tilly Berendt‘s five-star inspired cocktail recipe menu here!

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Here are my top picks from today’s deals! Click on the graphic to be taken directly to the featured item or virtual shop.

Horse & Rider Books.

Horse & Rider Books/Trafalgar Square carries all the books you need for your equestrian library.  Often, when we book-shop at traditional vendors such as Barnes & Noble, horse books are hard to find – or if they’re available, it’s an overall breed book – not necessarily specific to our needs.  Horse & Rider Books is offering 20% off any book + free shipping, so you can fill your cart (and brain) with all the knowledge you need!  This particular book featured (Fit & Focused in 52) has a ton of great exercises for every week, and there are a myriad of other fantastic books available on the site. Use code KYBK20 to score this deal.



Stable View.

This is seriously just an amazing deal.  Stable View is offering 20% off a property rental discount.  Whether you need to rent a bungalow for a short vacation stay, or a studio in the Hunt Boxes, there is something for you!  Check out all of the different types of rentals available here.  When you have your trip planned, call +1 (484) 356-3173 to receive your discount voucher and be sure to mention “EN Virtual Vendor Village.”




Sport Horse Nation.

Sport Horse Nation is an online hub where you can find your next partner, a new saddle, a new trailer, or even a new job – the ads are also high quality and offer mulitple photos and videos. If you’re looking to place a classified ad, Sport Horse Nation is offering 50% off pricing. In terms of sale horses, there are not just eventers and Thoroughbreds, but all sorts of breeds, young prospects, show campaigners, and jumpers.  Who will you find here?  To score this deal, use code VENDORVILLAGE.



HandsOn Gloves.

HandsOn Gloves just may be the magical tool you need to get you through shedding season.  They’re not just a curry comb; they go beyond that by providing greater surface area, a gentle rubber texture, and won’t slip off your hands so you can get your grooming job done with less fuss.  Less fuss, more fur removed means a happier horse…and you!  They also can be used for bathing, which is great for really getting the dirt out and making a good shampoo lather.  HandsOn Gloves is offering a 20% discount.  Use code KY20 to score this deal.




Flair is an icon in both training and competition.  These simple strips support the fragile nasal passages to help make breathing easier.  They improve airflow to the lungs, reduce fatigue, conserve energy, quicken recovery, and reduce lung bleeding.  We most commonly see them used in sports during intense work such as cross country or racing, but they can also be used during speed work while practicing fitness for jumpers and more.  Visit Flair’s website to learn more about the science – they’re easy to apply, and you can’t beat the different colors. Flair is offering a special discount, revealed at checkout.  Use code LRK3DE to score this deal.


What will you add to your cart?  I need to add everything… #buyallthethings

Go Jumping – and Shopping!