Editor’s Choice: My Top 5 Thursday Virtual Vendor Village Picks

Been missing out on shopping the vendors of spring events? All of us across Nation Media, on Jumper NationHorse Nation, and Eventing Nation are SO excited about the Virtual Vendor Village taking place this week, a week-long online opportunity to score some fantastic deals and discover new products from our favorite brands.  It’s also a great way to show our support for equestrian businesses that have had to close down shop due to COVID-19 restrictions.  It truly does take a “village”!

Each day doesn’t just involve amazing deals to shop.  Surprises abound!  Other awesome events taking place today include:



  • 10am EST: Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS) is hosting an “Ask the Athlete” Q&A with Kentucky winner Phillip Dutton on Instagram here and on Facebook here — post your questions and Phillip will weigh in via a video later.
  • 4pm EST: EN is hosting a Facebook Live with top Kentucky finisher Sharon White, sponsored by World Equestrian Brands.
  • 4pm EST: Join Chelsa Kolman of Dauntless Performance Horses for an Instagram LIVE Q&A on horsemanship, presented by Athletux.
  • 7pm EST: Tune in to top Kentucky finisher Lauren Kieffer’s Facebook page LIVE at 7 pm EST as she reviews post-ride icing procedures, presented by Ice Horse.

WATCH PARTY: USEF Network is rolling out its Land Rover Kentucky archives this week! If you’re not already a USEF member, use promo code ENLRK3DE to access. Rewind to previous dressage days here.

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Here are my top picks from today’s deals! Click on the graphic to be taken directly to the featured item or virtual shop.


Banixx is 10% off through 4/30 + free shipping at Valley Vet.  We’re entering that time of the year where horses are shedding, everything is itchy, it’s muddy and rainy…and skin conditions are starting to set in like dermatitis and scratches.  Banixx is here to help with that.  Their shampoo in particular is a bestseller and a lifesaver!  If you keep other pets like chickens and dogs, other Banixx products are also on sale.  Click the tile to be taken to the sale page. No promo code needed.



Martin Collins.

Martin Collins is offering an amazing deal on their Arena Master Maintenance Machine through July!  Both sizes are on sale for 5% off.  Let’s face it – arenas can be quite a bit of work to maintain, as well as pricey.  When you can get a product that both makes your job easier, wears like iron, and is available at a special price, it’s a no-brainer.  Use code KY2020 to score this deal.




Kentucky Performance Products.

Kentucky Performance Products creates supplements to help with an incredibly wide range of equine issues, from gastric aid Neigh-Lox Advanced to calming support Trouble Free.  I personally am a fan of KPP’s Summer Games electrolyte.  It’s one of the few electrolytes that my mare will actually eat.  KPP is offering 20% off + free shipping – take advantage and stock up on your favorite supplements!  Use code LRK3DE2020.




I Love My Horse Eventing.

I Love My Horse Eventing has a totally smashing deal today only.  RJ Classics Harmony Mesh Show Coats are only $145.  RJ Classics are known for classic apparel for both show and schooling, with fabrics that are flattering, wash well, and last through the years.  This mesh coat helps a ton with breathability when you’re showing and management doesn’t waive jackets, even though it’s 100 degrees out and you’re clearly going to pass out from the heat!  Email ilovemyhorseeventing@gmail.com or text +1 (727-871-5729) for availability.




Spring is coming, and with it (and the itchiness of shedding fur) comes flies.  Ecovet is seriously an awesome insect repellent product.  It’s the first fatty-acid fly repellent for horses, tested and endorsed by veterinarians so you don’t have to keep covering your horse in chemicals to keep bugs at bay.  It also is the only repellent that improves skin sensitivity…and did I mention that the bottle looks cool (love the blue!)  Save 30% off Ecovet through 4/26.  Use code Virtual30 to score this deal.



What will you add to your cart?  I need to add everything… #buyallthethings

Go Jumping – and Shopping!