Equestrian Wellness: My Top Wellness Picks (including Rare and Elusive Hand Sanitizer!)

There are many products out there that are labeled in the “wellness” category.  Gummies that may be all sugar, no vitamins (but they do look cute on your vanity), interesting yet tasty teas that claim to ease your tummy troubles, and creams that slim and trim your thigh gap.  I’ve tried my share of wellness products and can conclude that some have legitimate properties, and some just…don’t.  As a result, Equestrian Wellness is here to help.

We met integrative nutritionist Val Breslow, CCN, CHHC, AADP a couple of weeks ago, when she kindly provided her top eight tips for stress management.  If you missed the tips or want to review, catch up here.  I’m back again with my own top wellness picks from Equestrian Wellness that Val has created – and they actually do work.  Read on!

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Upper Hand Sanitizer. 

Hand Sanitizer is a hot commodity.  It’s literally not anywhere in stores and is back ordered on Amazon for basically a billion years.  Equestrian Wellness decided to create their own – and it’s in stock!  Get it while you can – seriously.

All-natural hand sanitizer blended with soothing organic aloe, witch hazel and germ-fighting essential oils.  No harmful chemicals added.  Now in a convenient spray bottle that’s small enough to slip into your pocket (0.5 fl oz).

Ingredients:  Distilled alcohol, witch hazel hydrosol, aloe vera*, grapefruit seed extract, sweet basil and lemon essential oils. *organic


Stable Hands Hand Soap.

One more item that is next to impossible to find in stores is hand soap.  I snagged the last one in the store two days ago – not kidding.  The advantage of this particular hand soap is that not only does it clean, but it also has ingredients to fight dry skin and provide nourishment.  Your hands do a lot of work; show them a little love back.

Naturally antiseptic soap made with rosemary and mint essential oils, along with skin softening agents such as aloe and calendula.

Ingredients:  Plant-based soap, vegetable glycerine, purified water, aloe gel*, lactobacillus ferment (from radishes) and lactobacillus + cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract, peppermint essential oil*, rosemary essential oil*, sage essential oil (*organic)

Essential Helmet Spray.

I’m going to let you in on a secret, and maybe this is TMI…I’ve never washed my helmet liner.  Okay, I didn’t know it was removable, actually – but then I figured, why go through all of the hassle of removing it and shoving it back in the shell, when I can just use this spray?  I personally use this spray almost every time I ride, and it helps keep my helmet liner as clean as can be.  (I sweat a lot, too but rarely get forehead breakouts, so this proves that it actually does work).  Trust me, you need this spray in your life.

Freshens up helmets, boots, rooms, fabrics, vehicles, and humans.  Non-toxic ingredients, including clove, cinnamon, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils eliminate foul odors and refresh your sweaty things and spaces.

Ingredients:  Distilled water, distilled spirits, clove, cinnamon, lavender*, lemon, lemongrass*, rosemary & eucalyptus essential oils   *organic

Stable to City Wipes.

These wipes are like magic.  I personally use these, as well and get enthralled every time because they’re so cool: They are little tablets that come in a vial, and you run one tablet under a little bit of water.  It magically turns into a full size, sanitizing wipe that you can use on your face, hands, arms, where ever for a quick post-ride cleanup. These wipes are also biodegradable as they are made of bamboo fiber.

Naturally sanitizing, chemical-free and conveniently packed into a small travel tube with 10 wipe tablets.  Made to heal and refresh: hydrating and softening, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, and antibacterial effects.

Ingredients: Argan oil, fractionated coconut oil, Bulgarian rose absolute, frankincense, copaiba, ylang ylang and rose geranium on bamboo.

Elderberry Syrup.

Now’s a time when it is in our best interest to keep our immune system firing on all cylinders.  Elderberry syrup’s got you covered – take one tablespoon a day. This elixir is well known to boost the immune system, and if you need more immunity help, you can even get it as part of the Wellness Box.

Organic elderberries sourced from Eastern Europe.  Formula contains local Texas honey; no refined or artificial sweeteners.

Ingredients: Filtered water, local honey, distilled spirits*, Elderberries*, ginger*, grapefruit peel*, cinnamon, vanilla bean.  *organic ingredient

I’m well stocked on my Helmet Spray and Stable to City wipes, but I might go ahead and stock up a bit on the hand sanitizer and soap…what will you try next?

Go Jumping (and be well)!

About Equestrian Wellness

Equestrian Wellness is an information resource, coaching hub, and creator of products to connect riders to the world of health and wellness.  Founded by Val Breslow, services include barn calls, individual wellness coaching, and a myriad of natural and effective wellness products, including disinfecting helmet sprays, soaps, hand sanitizer, and cleansing wipes.  Equestrian Wellness’ advisory board includes Aurelie Wettstein and Kendrick Von Hofe, professional riders and trainers; and Bettina Morf, physical therapist and amateur rider.  To learn more about Equestrian Wellness, click here.  To read Val’s blog, click here, and be sure to “like” and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Equestrian Wellness.