Equimi: The New Way for Equestrians to Expand their Business Online

With Equimi, equestrians are able to have their website up and running within minutes, because they manage everything from a ready-built dashboard — without needing to involve developers.

Today, the London based Equimi launches an entirely new way for equestrians to do business around the world — in partnership with the British Showjumping federation. Unlike other solutions Equimi provides a plug-and-play website solution for equestrians only. Over the past months Equimi has been in stealth mode with several high profile users who have been granted access, such as Michael Whitaker, Shane Breen, Tiffany Foster, Jay Halim, Matt Sampson and Kara Chad. As of today, any one will be able to signup and get access via equimi.com.

Doing business online

Equimi is the best way for equestrians to expand their business online. Our users are able to have their website up and running within minutes, because they manage everything from a ready-built dashboard — without needing to involve developers. For many of them it’s the first time they’re able to use their website to actually start doing business around the world.

Over the past 2 years, Equimi has created an all-in-one platform for the equestrian professional to manage their online brand presence; featuring everything from a website to a private marketplace where businesses can showcase horses for sale and breeding.  

Example of a landing page. Photo by Equimi.

Solving common problems

Most equestrians realize the potential of doing business using the Internet and most have tried building a traditional website. In 90% of the cases people have indicated that their website was outdated within several months of its launch, and didn’t rank on any keywords in Google search. This is where Equimi comes in, with:

  • An easy to use dashboard that makes it very easy to update News, Results, Horses, and more
  • All the necessary optimisations to rank higher in search engines
  • Webpages that automatically look good — on both mobile and desktop

Example of a sale horse page. Photo by Equimi.

What makes the difference?

With Equimi there’s no installation of any kind, you simply signup and manage your website from an easy to use dashboard. Updating your website has never been easier, simply add something via the dashboard to automatically create webpages. This makes it possible to: 

  • Create a complete profile of horses — which can easily be shared.
  • Send customers to a private market place where they can filter out the perfect horse or stallion
  • Better represent sponsors — by giving them online exposure
  • Generate more sales by giving customers the full picture — with results, news, riders and media
  • Increase your brand value by building a digital track record overtime

Example of a sponsor page. Photo by Equimi.

Are there any incentives to signing up for Equimi?

Signing up on Equmi is FREE.  If you’d like to upgrade to a business account, Equimi is offering Jumper Nation readers $500 in Google AdWords and a free consultation with its marketing team to promote your new website!  Use the code EQJUMPER to take advantage of this offer.  Contact Stas Kulminski (information below) to learn more or with any questions.

About Equimi

Equimi is built by, and for, equestrians with the ambition to help current and future generations utilize the power of the internet to grow the sport, business and their brand. We aim to provide a way for every equestrian to build a successful online presence. This goes beyond just providing a platform to manage a website and involves integrations with platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to utilise these networks effectively. 

Our launch gives the public access to create their free webpage via equimi.com. In addition to the online event, we are attending the All England Jumping Course at Hickstead; we welcome everyone to visit our stand for a welcome drink and product demonstration.  For more information, visit equimi.com, follow Equimi on Facebook, or contact Stas Kulminski at stas@equimi.com.