ESP Spring Competition: Competitor FAQs Answered

Equestrian Sport Productions May schooling shows and June Spring Series horse shows are quickly approaching.  In the following letter released May 15, ESP provides guidance on entries and answers competitor FAQs.

Dear Exhibitors,

We are very busy preparing the Equestrian Village grounds at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center for our upcoming schooling shows, set to take place May 22-24 and May 29-31. In order for your entry to be considered for competition, you must have a horse show issued back number. You will not be allowed to enter classes or order stalls until all the proper waivers are signed and a form of payment is established.  A waiver is required for ALL Trainers, Riders, Owners, Grooms, etc.

In order to minimize the traffic in the show office, we are requesting that you fill out all 4 forms online: Schooling Show Entry Blank, Schooling Show Waiver, the Spring & Summer Show Entry Blank, and the USEF Waiver & Release of Liability Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. These forms and the revised ESP June Spring Series Prize List are now available online here.

Please note, if you are only planning to show in June and forgo filling out the two schooling show waivers, you will not be issued the back number until after the schooling shows are completed on Sunday, May 31. Filling out all four forms will allow for the back number to be issued earlier. No charges will be processed until entries or stall reservations are accepted. The back number that is issued will be valid for the Summer Series through September.

Entries for all Spring shows officially open through the Show Grounds Live software on Monday, May 18. To expedite your back number being issued, you can fill out paper entries and either scan and email to, or you can place them in an envelope and leave them at the Security Gate at 14440 Pierson Road. The show office at Equestrian Village (13500 S. Shore Blvd.) will be open by appointment only starting Tuesday, May 19 from 9am to 4pm. Please email Jenn Glosson at to set up an appointment for picking up back numbers. Jenn can also be reached at +1 (561) 313-5133.

We are working to streamline this process so exhibitors will not need to go to the show office, except to sign any missing forms and pick up back numbers one time only. With the allowance of electronic signatures, once you have your back number assigned then you can enter classes. Keep in mind there is a cap on the number of trips in each ring. Please plan your entire show understanding there may not be adds allowed. By having the class numbers ahead of time, we will be able to give riders a more accurate show time.

Photo by PBIEC.

Again, we ask that you take the time to read through the ESP COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures so you have a full understanding of what to expect here. To answer just a few questions that have been asked:

Yes, we will be taking temperatures of everyone entering the property. We ask everyone to get in the habit of checking your temperature in the morning to avoid surprises. We will have multiple places where your temperature will be checked either with a touch-less thermometer or a thermal camera system. Please allow a little extra time for this process.

Yes, everyone on the show grounds will require a facial covering. Riders while mounted will not be required to wear a facial covering, but should have access to one after getting off their horse. If a rider chooses to wear a mask in any class, there will be no point deductions from the judges.

Yes, we will be enforcing all of these protocols at the schooling shows in May. These two practice shows will also allow our staff to better enforce these rules and make modifications if necessary. This is new to all of us and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.

Yes, braiding is optional in all classes. Judges will be asked not to add or deduct any points for braiding choices. Braiders have taken a huge financial hit with the shut down and we did not want to exclude braiding for this reason.

No, we have no official answers on the 24-hour rule, jogging, confirmation or model classes. We expect that information to be released soon and we will update our Prize List and COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures by announcements and edition date on the PBIEC website.

We implore you all to make responsible decisions before coming to the show grounds. If you feel sick or have been exposed, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE SHOW, seek medical attention, and follow the CDC guidelines for quarantine procedures. As we continue to work with The Village of Wellington, Palm Beach County and the State of Florida, we remind you all we share this responsibility together to demonstrate our industry can resume safely. Equestrian Sport Productions is dedicated to your safety, and will continue to constantly make adjustments to ensure everyone’s well-being. We again ask for your patience and understanding while we learn better ways to accomplish this along the way.