The German Equestrian Federation has released its long list of potential Olympic contenders. There are 10 names given, and two lists. The first list is the team which will represent Germany at the Nations Cup at the CHIO Aachen in July, and if they remain healthy and successful will be made the official team. (A competing squad of four and a traveling alternate)

  • Christian Ahlmann with Codex One, Epleaser van’t Heike and Taloubet Z,
  • Ludger Beerbaum with Chiara and Casello,
  • Daniel Deußer with Cornet d’Amour and First Class van Eeckelghem,
  • Marcus Ehning with Cornado NRW and Pret a tout
  • Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum with Fibonacci

In the second group are riders who could presumably come up to nab a spot if there are any problems with the horses and riders in group 1 before July 17. They are:

  • Hans-Dieter Dreher with Cool and Easy,
  • Marco Kutscher with Van Gogh,
  • Janne-Friederike Meyer with Goja,
  • Mario Stevens with Brooklyn
  • Patrick Stühlmeyer with Lacan. 

This will most certainly be a formidable team, and we’re eager to see how Aachen and the rest of the summer play out. Go Jumping!