Handing Over the Reins

When I was younger, I found out that my parents were going to send me to private school for high school, instead of the public one down the street where all my friends were going. I was absolutely devastated (I know, I know, the drama…). My dad lent me a copy of a book he had given to all of his direct reports: Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, MD. Basically, the book is all about change. Unexpected things happen in all of our lives, and change can be good, very good. It’s something that isn’t easy, but it helped me navigate that time.

Change is afoot at Jumper Nation, too. It’s time for me to hand over the editorial reins to someone whose posts you’ve already been reading for several months now: Ema Klugman. Not only does Ema command the proverbial pen-on-paper fantastically, but she also is a talented rider with young prospects all the way to upper-level performers — and she can teach effectively! It’s rare to find someone who encompasses all of these talents in one package, but we did find her — and we’re lucky to have her on the Nation Media team.

It has been an honor to be at the helm of Jumper Nation and become more involved in the hunter/jumper community with our readers than I’ve ever been before, no longer sitting on the fringe. I’ll still be at Nation Media but more behind-the-scenes, continuing to work with our amazing sponsors and working on several operations initiatives and cool launches that are in the works. Meanwhile, I’m confident that Ema will be incredible at leading the team at Jumper Nation, and I’m thrilled to watch the site continue to grow in her capable hands.

Photo by Eileen Mueller.

Until we meet again (likely at a show ring near you on my tiny chestnut mare)…

Thank you, all.

— Lynn