Help Alex Titan with Research Study: Equestrian Sport & Moral Qualities

We received the following information about this research study project from the FEI.  It is a legitimate research study and any information submitted to help will remain confidential.

Alex Titan was the Sport Competition Manager for Eventing and Para Dressage at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  After the Olympic Games, he then began his Master’s degree studies at the Catholic University of Brasilia.

Alex is conducting a major research project based on two educational theories: one proposed by psychologist Benjamin Bloom (USA) and one by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (FRA), revolving around the personality traits which differentiate equestrian athletes from other athletes.

The project aims to measure to what extent moral qualities are developed through the practice of equestrian sports.  The moral qualities are: self-confidence, courage, discipline, and zeal.

The major question proposed is: “Does engaging in equestrian sport develop, beyond physical qualities, the athletes’ moral qualities?”

You can help Alex with his study by submitting your responses to a multiple-choice questionnaire.  It takes less than 15 minutes to complete.  For any questions, please contact Alex directly via email at:  He is grateful for your help, and we’re filling our information out as we speak!

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