HITS 2020 Re-open & COVID-19 Protocol Released

With the re-opening of horse shows in Saugerties, NY and Chicago, IL approaching soon (target date of June 1, 2020), HITS has been working intensively to evaluate and further develop its re-open and COVID-19 protocol.  Said protocol “will be in place whenever possible and practicable at all HITS Competitions beginning June 1, 2020.”

HITS Saugerties. Photo by ESI.

Highlights of the strategy include the following:


  • Social distancing at 6 ft between individuals
  • HITS staff and officials will wear masks and gloves
  • Exhibitors also should wear a mask while on the premises (face coverings will be provided free of charge from HITS)
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the premises

Food Service

  • “Take away” dining will be offered
  • Markers on flooring will designate proper social distance
  • New POS system + online/text ordering to minimize contact
  • VIP Club closed until state regulations allow re-opening

Daily Competition Schedule

  • “Show and go” class organization: As many classes as possible for a particular division/similar division to be organized into as short a time frame as possible (example to avoid: Low Adult Jumpers run in Jumper Annex ring at 8am, but another Low Adult Jumper does not run in the Grand Prix ring until 4pm)
  • Utilize additional competition arenas to shorten days and minimize density

Schooling/Warm Up 

  • Each competition ring will have a dedicated warm up ring with 6-8 jumps
  • Staff will disinfect jumps and jump cups


  • Awards will not be distributed in the ring; they will be mailed or can be picked up in the office

Stabling Areas

  • Stabling area restricted to essential personnel: Veterinarians, caretakers, trainers, riders
  • Non-essential personnel (friends, family, etc.) are not to enter stabling area

To view the complete release, including recommendations on disinfection of equipment and bio-security, click here.

Updates will be released on the HITS website and on social media.