HITS Immerses Itself Beyond Hunter/Jumpers into Dressage World

HITS has led the way in equestrian event management, particularly Hunter/Jumper show jumping competition since 1982. With first class venues, unique class offerings, unprecedented prize money and a commitment to excellence, HITS’ dedication to horse sport is unprecedented and unmatched. As the 2020 show season reaches its peak, HITS is excited to announce that in addition to more than 40 Hunter/Jumper shows it will host in 2020, it is making its mark in the discipline of Dressage, with two events at HITS Chicago at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois, and four events at HITS Saugerties at HITS-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, New York.

“We pride ourselves in maintaining world-class facilities and are excited to host the best events possible for equestrians around the country as we immerse ourselves into the world of Dressage,” said Tom Struzzieri, President and CEO of HITS, Inc.

HITS begins its foray into Dressage with a number of Championship events in 2020, including the US Festival of Champions and the USDF Region 2 and Region 8 Championships.

“When you get involved with HITS, you get your feet into all things equestrian,” remarked Struzzieri.  “We have run FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) events in show jumping since the 1990’s – World Cup Qualifiers, Five-Star Events and the Nations Cup – as exciting as those events were, I see that top-level Dressage has the potential to reach new heights in our industry.”

Photo courtesy HITS/Susan Stephen Photography.

Lamplight Equestrian Center, home to the HITS Chicago Hunter/Jumper Series, has been chosen to host the US Dressage Festival of Champions in 2020 and 2021, and this year’s event just came to a close. The Festival of Champions ran in conjunction with Lamplight Dressage August, and featured 14 divisions showcasing the very best riders and horses from across the country. For a complete list of winners from the Festival of Champions, click here.

Next month, HITS Chicago at Lamplight will host the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Region 2 Championships concurrently with Dressage at Lamplight September, running September 17-20. The 2021 Dressage schedule at Lamplight will include shows in June and July as well – click here for more information.

“We are very excited that Dressage is a part of HITS Shows at Lamplight Equestrian Center. This is a very beautiful and competitor friendly facility and all our dressage riders are happy to have the opportunity to show here,” said Monica Fitzgerald, who manages the Horse Show Office during the Dressage shows at HITS Chicago. “The Festival of Champions / Young & Developing Horse Championships was a huge success and all were very excited to be there. We are very much looking forward to the Region 2 Dressage Championships to be held September 17-20, 2020.”

For over a decade, Centerline Events has held a number of dressage shows each year at HITS-on-the-Hudson, and that relationship has expanded in 2020. Centerline has hosted three successful events so far this year, and will be working with HITS this fall when the USDF Region 8 CDI-W Championships take place at HITS-on-the-Hudson September 17-20. The Region 8 Championships offer a variety of National and FEI level classes, following HITS goal to offer something for every level rider, from novice to Grand Prix.

“We have been so pleased to have Centerline Events as a consistent tenant with us in Saugerties and are thrilled to have them back this year,” commented Struzzieri. “We have been enamored with their professionalism over the years and look forward to working with Debra Reinhardt and the Centerline team to manage the Region 8 Championships this year and more Dressage shows for us in the future,” said Struzzieri.

The USDF Region 2 and 8 Championships that take place at HITS Chicago and HITS Saugerties respectively are Qualifiers for the Annual USDF Dressage Finals presented by Adequan. “It is an honor to be a part of these three prestigious Dressage championships. We look forward to expanding our knowledge in the Dressage discipline and offering the same innovation and top notch Dressage competitions in years to come, just as we have done in the Hunter/Jumper industry for the past 40 years.”