HITS Ocala Hunters Take it to the Top in Week III

Ocala, FL – February 8, 2017 – Horses and riders descended on HITS Post Time Farm for a shot at winning the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix or the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix. It was the third week of competition at HITS Ocala and riders were hungry to place atop the best of the best.

$5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix

Hunt Tosh of Alpharetta, Georgia, grabbed his second win in the Devoucoux Hunter Prix of the 2017 HITS Ocala Winter Circuit. Last week, Tosh won the class aboard Gotham, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker, in addition to a third place prize with Wiser, owned by Ceil and Kenny Wheeler.unnamed-4Hunt Tosh and Casanova on their way to a $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix win. PC: ESI Photography

This week, Tosh claimed the victory with Casanova, another winning ride owned by Dr. Betsee Parker. They won the class with scores of 86 and 89 for a total of 175. Tosh would claim another ribbon with Wiser, this week in sixth place.

Second in the ribbons went to Amanda Steege of Bedminster, New Jersey, riding Loxley, owned by Finale Partners, LLC. They were awarded a first-round score of 87 and a second-round score of 85 for a total of 172. Steege also took home fifth place with Zidane, owned by Susan Darragh.

Aiken, South Carolina equestrian Daniel Geitner brought home the third-place prize riding Sky Pilot, owned by Allison Wolfe Mills. The judges gave the pair scores of 84 and 85, respectively, for a total of 169.

Fourth place was Caitlyn Shiels of Hampshire, Illinois riding Cassius, owned by Don Stewart. They earned scores of 84 and to secure a total of 167.
$1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix

A supremely talented crop of riders turned out to challenge the course and prove who the ultimate in hunter style was.

Melissa Marshall of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania won aboard her own mount, Valiant. The pair received eighth place in the Platinum Performance Hunter Prix during Week II and they jumped their way up the standings to claim the blue ribbon victory in Week III.

unnamed-5Melissa Marshall and Valiant. PC: ESI Photography

Marshall and Valiant took the lead in the first round with a score of 83, combined by a second-round score of 79, they brought the win home with a total of 162.

The second-place prize belonged to Lauren Lindner of Warren, New Jersey and Quantonius, owned by Nicole Peterson. They earned a 79 in the first round, improving to an 81 in the second round to total 160.

Williston, Florida equestrian Samantha Perlman piloted Willow Bay, owned by Ann Cohen Farm, to the fourth place ribbon. The earned a total of 159, combined by scores of 80 and 79, settling them just behind Lindner.

Fifth place belonged to Grafite, owned and ridden by Madison Pan-kita. Their scores of 80 and 77.5 earned them a total of 157.5 to round out the top five.

$5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix

Place Horse Owner Rider Prize R.1 Score R.2 Score Total
1 Casanova Dr. Betsee Parker Hunt Tosh $1,500 89 86 175
2 Loxley Finale Partners, LLC Amanda Steege $1,000 87 85 172
3 Sky Pilot Allison Wolfe Mills Daniel Geitner $700 85 84 169
4 Cassius Donald Stewart Caitlyn Shiels $500 84 83 167
5 Zidane Susan Darragh Amanda Steege $400 82.5 84 166.5
6 Wiser Ceil and Kenny Wheeler Hunt Tosh $325 84.25 81 165.25
7 Tiganello B.O.C. Group Shachine Belle $300 82 83 165
8 In The Know Madeline Schaefer Samantha Schaefer $275 83 81 164

$1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix

Place Horse Owner Rider Prize R.1 Score R.2 Score Total
1 Valiant Melissa Marshall Melissa Marshall $450 83 79 162
2 Quantonius Nicole Peterson Lauren Lindner $300 79 81 160
3 Willow Bay Ann Cohen Farm Samantha Perlman $200 79 80 159
4 Grafite Madison Pan-kita Madison Pan-kit $150 80 77.5 157.5
5 Erosmith Annie Walsh Annie Walsh $125 73 83 156
6 Exclusive Sydney De Grazia Sydney De Grazia $100 77 78 155
7 Upcountry Fitou M&M Stopford Mackensie Bowles $100 81 70 151
8 Felix 1996 Clare Leach Cailtyn Sheffer $50 78 72 150