HITS Summer Series: Update from Tom Struzzieri on Saugerties & Chicago Launch

Tom Struzzieri, owner of HITS, has provided an update on the HITS Summer Series. HITS has made several announcements recently, from the purchase of the Lamplight Equestrian Center to hoping to kick off the summer series at HITS Chicago and HITS Saugerties the week of June 1, and returning to HITS Culpeper July 1.

Watch the video below for an update.  Here is a summary of key points:

HITS Saugerties

  • State of New York is opening back up in phases: Phase 1 (May 15) and Phase 2 (two weeks later)
  • State has been receptive to HITS’ appeal to launch the first show the week of June 1

HITS Chicago

  • Same phasing as New York is taking place
  • Additional improvements to facility beginning now include additional parking and footing modifications


  • Back numbers will be limited on first come, first serve basis
  • Typically HITS shows run 1,200+ back numbers; anticipate 50% of that for the June kick offs

About HITS
Since its inception in 1982, HITS, Inc. has grown into one of the largest producers of hunter/jumper horse shows in the United States. With four multi-week show circuits at its owned facilities in Florida, New York, Virginia, and Illinois, and as host to the annual HITS Championship and the $1 Million Grand Prix, HITS’ commitment to equestrian sport is unprecedented.

Featured photo by ESI.