Horse Healthcare Doesn’t Go on Pause: How Equine Massage Therapist Katie Hawkins Implements Safety during COVID-19

The thought of maintaining horses who are in need of massage therapy work or other modalities like Magnawave while riders aren’t able to ride, OR those whose barns may be limiting riding to only trainers on-premises hadn’t crossed my mind – until I flipped through some old photos of my mare and I competing a couple of years ago.  I remembered that she had been a little sore from over exertion after three days, so I had called Katie Hawkins of Unbridled Equine out to give her a sports massage.  (It helped immensely!)  Katie had come highly recommended by word of mouth from a “help” post I put out on Facebook, and she was amazing at explaining everything she was doing along the way while she worked on my mare.

That being said, some horses DO still need ongoing therapy work during COVID-19. Horse healthcare doesn’t go on pause.

Photo by Katie Hawkins/Unbridled Equine.

Here are the safety measures that Katie is putting into place as an equine health professional, according to Katie:

As part of your horse’s healthcare team, Unbridled Equine is diligently working to bring safe care options to your horse during this uncertain time.  I am scheduling appointments for the month of April for equine massage and MagnaWave services with the following precautions in place:

  • Appointments are being scheduled for Mondays or Evenings when most barns are at their quietest and have the least number of people
  • Increased sanitation methods will be used on massage and MagnaWave tools along with any areas I utilize in the barn
  • Appointments will be limited to barns in Illinois
  • Prior communication and consent will be made with barn owners/trainers before appointment

The health and well-being of your horse has always been the top priority of Unbridled Equine. While we all continue to adapt to the changes around us, Unbridled Equine remains committed to serving as a resource for your horse’s health needs. Massage and MagnaWave therapy are a great way to help maintain soft tissue health and will aid in keeping your horses in good health so they are ready to go when you can get back in the saddle!

If you are able to spend time with your horse right now and want to give them some extra TLC or you are interested in learning more about equine massage, then check out this video with a massage sequence for your horse’s neck.

Please note that with the above safety precautions, horse owners must have the consent of barn owners and trainers.  Please, no sneaking in appointments if your barn does not allow them.

To learn more about Unbridled Equine, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  Try the massage out, if you can go to the barn!