Hunter Rider/Author Mimi Tashjian to Launch New Book ‘John Courage’ at WEF

Wellington, Fla. – Feb 11, 2016 – Accomplished equestrian Mimi Tashjian has published her first novel, “John Courage,” based on a true story. Tashjian will launch her book with a signing at the $100,000 World Champion Hunter Rider (WCHR) Peter Wetherill Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular Gala at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) at the International Club at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Florida. She will be on site throughout the evening and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the WCHR Program.

indexAlthough the book is set in the competitive hunter/jumper show world, “John Courage” will appeal to a broad audience.

“‘John Courage’ tells the coming of age story of horse enthusiast, Josie Parker, who faces the challenges of loss, love and destiny, her own and of those close to her,” Tashjian said. “The essence of the conflict in Josie’s odyssey is her struggle in knowing that animals don’t have the ability to make their own choices. To me, this story is a reminder that we have free will, animals do not, and we must remain ever-vigilant to protect them.”

Tashjian’s book has earned early glowing reviews. Author, accomplished equestrian and philanthropist, Georgina Bloomberg, calls it, “An incredible story of love, life and the undeniable bond between horses and the humans who love them. Mimi Tashjian expertly captures the way animals can help us through the hardest of times, give us unconditional love and hope, and yet break our hearts when we are faced with losing them. The story of ‘John Courage’ and the people whose lives he touches is the perfect recipe for a book I couldn’t put down.”

“It is a joy for me to be able to share my novel, ‘John Courage,'” Tashjian said. “I truly believe, whether an equestrian or not, that the story of Josie, Johnnie and Cleve will leave every reader believing that although life is certainly full of strife, there are almost always little silver linings along the way and they can be the most life defining. And for anyone who’s ever thought twice about owning an animal, this story should leave you wanting to run to he nearest rescue facility.”

The gala is part of the USHJA/WCHR Peter Wetherill Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular featuring the top hunter riders in the country vying for $100,000 in prize money. For Tashjian, a talented amateur hunter rider who trains with renowned trainer Scott Stewart, the event is the ideal setting for the launch, as she has competed in the Hunter Spectacular in years past.

index1Mimi Tashjian. Photo by Kathy Russell

Tashjian began riding ponies on the Jersey Shore at age 6, she said, after her rocking horse collapsed. She has competed on the AA hunter/jumper circuit since she was a teenager and her horses have clamined numerous national championships. She is a mother of three and currently divides her time between Nantucket, Massachusetts, and Wellington, Florida. She holds a degree from Hood College and has been writing most of her life. “John Courage” is her first novel.

“My life has been blessed with a constant relationship with animals and with people who can’t live without them,” she said. “‘John Courage’ speaks clearly about the beautiful connection between animals and humans, about how we learn together, give and take, and shape one another’s destinies. This novel is a way of sharing what I have been blessed to experience and a vehicle for encouraging others to seek the joy of having animals in their world.”

“John Courage” is a featured book of Ingram, the largest wholesale publisher in the world. The book is available for purchase at and