From Doha in March to Prague in November, the 2021 Longines Global Champions Tour took the top horse and rider combinations in the world to 15 events, with multiple speed classes, qualifiers for the Global Champions League, LGCT grand prix, and a host of other classes and competitions at each venue. It all culminated in Prague, first in the LGCT Super Grand Prix, where the 15 qualifiers from the 15 LGCT GPs faced off a final time this year for the top prize. The Global Champions League also competed one last time for the GCL Super Cup, with three rounds eventually producing the best six teams for the Super Cup.

So what happened? The winners of the very last LGCT Super GP ticket, from Week II in Šamorín, Henrik von Eckermann and King Edward won the jump off against only three other clears from the first round. They were Sergio Alvarez Moya and Alamo, who took second with a clear but slower trip, third place finisher Ben Maher and Explosion W who were blazing fast but had one late rail, and Darragh Kenny and VDL Cartello, just edged into fourth with a speedy but 4 fault round.

The next day it was time for the GCL Super Cup finals, where the London Knights (Emily Moffett and Olivier and Nicola Philappaerts) each put in three brilliant clear Round B trips. The Paris Panthers (Harrie Smolders, Darragh Kenny, and Gregory Wathelet) garnered second place on the podium, with the Berlin Eagles (Christian Kukuk, Ludger Beerbaum, and Philipp Weishaupt) taking third.

What a way to end an incredible season of top sport! Let’s take a look back….

First, the King and Henrik with their well-deserved win in the Super GP! These two were the only combination to produce six clear rounds in the 2020 Olympics, and it looks like they will continue their streak into the new year.



And then the GCL Super Cup!


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