It’s Still Winter: Instagram Roundup

Though some of us may be living either permanently or temporarily (or horse showing!) in warmer climates, take heart.  It’s still winter…and if you’re braving cold, sleet, mud, and snow, you’re not alone.  Freezing hands, icy cold bits, and fluffy horses unite!

We sympathize with the frigid air and mud here…

Our car is definitely not as clean as this one!

We body clipped our horses but they quickly grew all of their fur back like these guys…

We keep needing to remind ourselves that our horses are likely not as cold as we are!

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It’s been the kind of week that put thoughts in my head like, “If I didn’t have all these horses I’d enough time and money to travel.” 🤔 First I was dealing with a hoof abscess caused, no doubt, by the never-ending mud that we’ve had since October. Then one of my silly mares decided to run, full speed, down the field right to the fence line. And instead of executing a sliding stop, her feet went out from under her and she slid on her side, in the snow covered mud, right under the fence. And even though the cut she sustained on her leg is minor and she’s not lame at all, it still swelled up and now she’s on antibiotics. 😳 And as if that’s not enough, a tree fell on my fence causing the electric to short out, so two of my more adventurous beasts broke through the fence and made a bit of a mess yesterday. 🤬 I’m certainly ready for some nicer weather, and maybe to win the lottery or something.🥴 • • • #horses #horseproblems #winterwoes #aqha #apha #myhorses #horselover #horsesofinstagram #tryingtobepositive

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Last but not least, we totally get it when your usually bombproof horse has a massive personality change thanks to being cooped up from nasty weather…

Go Jumping!  …and stay warm.