Turkey day is over, every store in America is decked out in red and green and that horrendous holiday music seems to fill the air everywhere we go. That can only mean one thing: it is officially holiday season. While I am a bit of a self-described Grinch, I do pride myself on putting in the research to wow family and friends with gifts that are meaningful for each recipient. I started drafting up gift guides over on our sister site Horse Nation three years ago, and have carried that tradition on each year once fully transitioning to JN. And now, with the holiday season in full-force, it is time to kick off our 2019 Gift Guide series.

Each week I will share a guide with fresh new gifts that any hunter/jumper should love! Each week will have a theme that may make your shopping endeavors a touch easier. This week I am sharing some of my most-favorite, splurge-worthy gifts for the shopper who wants to spend $100 or more. Never fear! If these gifts are not in your budget, next week’s guide will be more your jam!

equStar Bonnets: Price range $170+

My Beary boy rocking one of our two beautiful equStar bonnest at HITS Balmoral this past summer. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography. 

You can ask anyone who knows me, and they will agree: I am a bit compulsive when it comes to the matchy-matchy game. While I have toned it down a bit (aka: I have traded in my colored saddle pads for white baby pads), I still love to match a nicely tailored jacket to a stunning ear bonnet. This year, I decided to splurge and invest in an equStar bonnet for the first time. And let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed!

Simply put, these bonnets are second to none. The fit is impeccable, the attention to detail superb, and the founder/creator Gabriella puts her heart and soul into crafting each one. I am obsessed with these bonnets and know that you will be too! Choose from one of her pre-made styles or customize one to fit your needs! And if you aren’t sure what colors or styles are best, perhaps a gift certificate would be a great way to go!

Andes Clippers: Price Range $184.95+

If the equestrian in your life shows a lot during the winter months, a good pair of clippers will certainly make life a lot easier. Clipping horses in heavy work is almost required during cooler months to help with the cool-down process, plus it makes grooming so much easier! But trust me- all clippers are not created equal! If you want to make life a little easier for someone, then I highly recommend the Andes AGC Super 2 Speed Clippers.

SP Rhodes Equestrian Identity Professional Brush Set: Price $109.99

I was the lucky recipient of one of these brush sets from SP Rhodes Equestrian Identity for Christmas last year, and almost one year later, I STILL get questions about where I got my brushes from. Not only are these brushes high-quality, but they look and feel phenomenal. I love the soft brush with the leather handle as it is perfect for a quick dust off before heading into the ring. The paddle-style mane and tail brush features fiber bristles that do not knot or tear at your horse’s hair. And the best part about this set? You can slap the logo, monogram, and more on them, giving them a personalized touch! Now my brushes never seem to run away to new homes because they boast my monogram on each of them! 

Le Fash Show Shirts: Price Range $128+

I am a sucker for a nicely put together show shirt, and for the ladies, Le Fash is always a safe go-to. I looooove these shirts so much. Not only are they super soft, but they are very breathable and look great by themselves or paired with a nice show coat. The color-blocked shirts pictured above are perfect for either hunters or jumpers because of the white shirt and collar. Pick a color that represents the one you love and shop away! 

Tucker Tweed Brandywine Backpack: Price $299

(Note-despite the caveat in this image it does appear as if all three colors are in stock online!)

I know, I know, I featured a Tucker Tweed bag in my gift guide last year. But this year, TT rolled out this stunning new backpack that would look perfect with a cute big bow on top of it! The quality of Tucker Tweed bags is exceptional. I have had my bag for over a year and have toted it around everywhere with me. This bad boy has been jammed in a tack trunk, tossed to my back seat, and climbed on by relentless farm dogs who want to sit on my truck console. Despite all of the damaging scenarios I have put it through, the leather has withstood the test of time, and it still looks as perfect as it did on day one. This backpack is the ideal size for carrying all of your horse show essentials without compromising style. Pick from black, brown, or if the person you are gifting to is a little bold (like me) go for the brilliant bright red! 

Keep an eye out for next week’s bargain buster edition of our 2019 Gift Guide! Have a suggestion? Share it in the comments on Facebook for your fellow equestrians to see!