JN’s 2019 Gift Guide: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

While Santa’s elves are hard at work putting all of the finishing touches on this year’s delivery, JN’s staff of “elves” have also been putting their heads together to create the best gift guides possible this year! In this week’s gift guides, the JN team share some of their must-haves to help you think outside of the box when shopping for the equestrian in your life. Don’t delay, Christmas is just around the corner!

Amanda’s Selections

The perfect gift for the horse owner and wine lover is straight from The Horse’s Glass. These beautifully painted glasses bring your four-legged friend to life. For the wine enthusiast who doesn’t own their own horse? They have beautiful pre-painted glasses as well. Custom glasses run around $48 a glass, while non-customs start around $25.00. Truly a great gift for almost every horse lover!

Need a gift for that foxhunter, dressage or eventing friend? Then I recommend Stockbubble. Stockbubble has the most adorable and unique stock ties that are perfect for most occasions. A great gift for that hard to shop for buddy as these are a quality product with a reasonable price. Prices start at $36.00!

Meagan’s Selections

My office collage courtesy of Canvas Champ that features my sweet Beary boy at some of our debut events this year. Photo by Meagan DeLisle

I have acquired quite the collection of horse show photos throughout this year, and with several memorable moments I wanted a stunning way to display them. That is how I stumbled onto Canvas Champ. I love Canvas Champ because they produce quality canvas displays that are affordable. I have ordered quite a few things from Canvas Champ this year and have yet to be disappointed!

One gift that you can NEVER go wrong with is a tack store gift card! Whether you are snagging one online (I love SmartPak!) or from your local tack store, any equestrian can put those bad boys to work in a snap.


Tess’s Selections

I like to spend the “show season downtime” preparing for the next show season. If the holidays are for nothing else, they are for splurging. After a season dedicated to gift giving, I like to spoil myself and get a new horse show piece. Nothing feels better than a crisp new, pure white show shirt from RJ Classics to start the 2020 season with the right boot forward. RJ Classics are my favorite, because while classic and convenient with a snap collar and cuffs, they feature a slightly longer body so you can ride without fear of the untucking.

Winter can get dull trotting 100 circles over and over each day. I like to keep my winter rides fresh with new exercises to keep me and my partner in tip-top shape for jumping when we start out 2020 show season. I think to work on my footwork over poles, inspired by Training and Riding with Cones & Poles: Over 40 Engaging Exercises to Improve your Horse’s Focus and Responses to the Aids While Sharpening Your Timing and Accuracy. Once we have mastered some footwork, I draw jumping inspiration from one of my favorites, 101 Jumping Exercises for Horse & Rider, to work on jumping technique.

Dominique’s Selections

Photo by Victoria Gomez

Snaks 5th Avenchew pet treats bring together the cutest combinations of any treat company. You can pick from a variety of packs from the classic pizza treats to the newer cookies and milk collection. There is a large selection of options to choose from to please any horse or pony. And as an added bonus: they’re handmade and watched over thoroughly by the hardworking owner, Carrie Sarabella. 

Collage.com is a handy website where you can turn any of your photos into everyday objects. My favorite is the comfortable blanket where you can compile all of your horse photos onto one large piece! Then you can curl up in bed while looking over some of your favorite memories.

Go Jumping and Go Shopping!