Journey to the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover 2020: Ali Barros’ June Update

The journey to the Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover 2020 continues! Read on for our fourth update from Ali Barros.

Horses Leave Hoof Prints in our Hearts!

Horses certainly do leave a lasting impression. Although Prince has left a hoof print in my heart, his hooves are the topic of conversation this month. 

In May, we had quite a few setbacks that resulted in very few riding days. I was optimistic heading into June, that I would make steady progress riding Prince and we would be able to get back on track for the Thoroughbred Makeover. However, June presented a different set of challenges. Starting out the first week of June, we had five days of schooling. Those were the only consecutive days that I was able to ride Prince this month. The following week started a slew of hoof related issues.

Prince threw both back shoes while on night turnout.  Since he was four weeks since his last shoeing, the farrier and I decided to re-set all of his shoes. Prince came out a bit foot sore the following day on his left front. I alerted the farrier who came back out and took off the shoe and wrapped it. Two days later we removed the wrap. After a conversation, the farrier and I decided that four-week intervals were not ideal for Prince, and five weeks would be a better schedule going forward. Instead, he would change the nails out every two weeks, to prevent further damage from him throwing shoes, and hopefully this would help keep his shoes tight. 

Unfortunately, when we started back to work this week, he was still a bit tender-footed traveling to the right in the corners. We are currently waiting the vet to evaluate him this week. Fingers crossed, it is not a major injury and can be resolved quickly! 

Photo by Ali Barros.

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About Ali

Ali Barros is a 25 year old young professional originally from Medway, Massachusetts currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up on the New England Hunter/Jumper circuit as a working student and groom for many top trainers. In 2012, she received a NCAA D1 Equestrian scholarship to UT Martin, moving her to Tennessee. During college and graduate school she decided to event, where she competed up to training level on one of her OTTB’s “Let It Rock.” She now trains hunters, jumpers, and eventers with a focus on OTTBs and young warmbloods. She is thrilled to be participating in RRP Thoroughbred Makeover with her Second Stride adoption “Prince Hansen.”