Jumper Nation Clinic: Katie Leverick & Millennium Farm

Jumper Nation Clinic continues with a new exercise to try at home.  Jumper Nation has teamed up with top, respected riders who we love for both their horsemanship and their creativity with exercises they use at home.  Each week, we’ll be bringing you a new grid or exercise to try at home.  You’ll be primed and ready for the show ring when we are able to get out there again!

This week’s featured grid is courtesy of Katie Leverick and Millennium Farm.

Diagram courtesy Katie Leverick/Millennium Farm.


This exercise consists of:

  • Ground pole, 9′ to a vertical, 10′ to a vertical, 18′ to a vertical, then 21′ to an oxer
  • After the oxer, choose the option to go either right or left, 45′ bending line to either a tall vertical or a wide oxer
  • Fence heights can vary of course, based on horse/rider ability
  • It is okay to start lower, then build the fences up as you both gain confidence
  • You can trot in to the first combination

Katie Leverick, co-owner and professional rider/trainer at Millennium Farm, states, “This exercise is great for all levels of riders and horses. The bounce is a great exercise to help the horses push off their hind ends and quicken their front legs in the air. The triple is another great foot speed exercise for the jumpers. A trot in combination like this is also very good exercise to help riders work on holding their position over the jumps. The option bend to the left or right helps riders work on tracking. A tall vertical one direction will help the horse switch from jumping across the triple’s oxer to jumping tall, again focusing on the hind end push off. A wide oxer the other direction will help the horses to stretch out and use their scope even more. The differences in height and width really makes the horses think and focus to make them extra sharp.”

Katie Leverick. Photo by Millennium Farm.

About Katie Leverick

Katie Leverick has been riding for over 20 years and has trained with George Morris, Kevin Babington, Scott Hoffstetter, Diane Carney, and more.  Before she turned professional, she was Champion in Illinois in the A/O Jumpers.  Katie currently shows all client horses in professional classes, as well as training and showing her own horses in diverse divisions, from Young Jumpers to Grand Prix.

About Millennium Farm

Millennium Farm is co-owned by Sue Leverick and Katie Leverick.  The farm is based in Illinois and strives to offer a safe, friendly atmosphere full of team spirit for riders of all levels, competing in both the Midwest and in Florida.  Many of Millennium Farm’s clients have gone on to win equitation medals as well as other championships on both the “A” and “B” circuits.  The farm also has an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Team, led by Kylie Zankowski.

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