The show jumpers have finally begun in Tokyo with the Individual Qualifier today. NBC is streaming all of the rounds and then re-playing them later. Go here to watch:

Go here for results:

Ben Maher and his incredible Explosion W topped the ranks as the fastest clear round of those who qualified for the Individual Finals, tomorrow. It was a disappointing, somewhat shocking day for Team USA, with Jessica Springsteen, Kent Farrington, and Laura Kraut all having rails. Out of a talented field of 73, only the top 30 will go on to the Finals. 25 clears and 5 more with a time fault or two left all of the 4-faulters out. There were surprising faults from the best in the world, including Longines #3 ranked rider Steve Guerdat, Christian Kukuk, Edwina Tops-Alexander, and of course Kent, Laura, and Jessica. It was a great day of sport, with all of its highs and lows, and we’re looking forward to seeing what these 30 pairs can do in the Individual Final!

All three Brits made it through to the Final!

Always fast, Ashlee Bond and her Donatello 141 were third-quickest of the clears.

Team Ireland’s riders all made it through.

ALl three of host-nation Japan’s riders made it through to the Final, including Eiken Sato and the fabulous Saphyr des Lacs!

Only one German rider qualified: Daniel Deusser and his excellent Killer queen VDL

And only one French rider qualified: Nicolas Delmotte and Urvoso du Roc


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