Kent Farrington & More Beast their Workouts, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

I heard on the radio earlier this week that sales of processed foods like mac and cheese, Chef Boyardee, and Goldfish crackers are soaring thanks to people stocking up.  Of course that sounded delicious, so I went out and bought some Easy Mac and Chef Boyardee ravioli.  So good. 

However, I also run ultra marathons and have a race coming up in a few days (virtually, though, as the physical race was canceled) – so, I thought to myself: “Self, maybe after you finish the Easy Mac, you should go back to eating legit food.  Follow advice from MiniFitness like in this article and maybe do some other types of work outs to complement your running (and riding).”  I bought a wobble disc and promptly fell off, but there are plenty of other equestrians out there getting their work outs on in total beast mode to look up to.  Let’s get some inspo from Kent Farrington in particular.  How does he even do some of this stuff?!

I try to balance on a wobble disc…he’s literally balancing on a basketball.

And this is just the “warm up” apparently.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other equestrians out there doing work outs that are challenging, but maybe a little more achievable…

I did do a couple of laps of no-stirrups two weeks ago; that must count for something!

Not having enough challenge with your regular planks?  Add a weight!

You can also use your own body weight and core strength to rock your exercises…

In the end, though, it’s all worth the sweat (and pain) if you can ride a round like this:

You might even gain extra strength to improve your Santa sled steering skills, too.

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Go Jumping (and work out)!