Kentucky Invitational Grand Prix to Run with “Carefully Managed” Amount of Spectators

This article originally appeared in Eventing Nation.

Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.


Equestrian Events, Inc. (EEI) Executive Director Lee Carter wrote a letter updating followers on the status of the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, presented by MARS Equestrian. Currently scheduled for April 22-25, 2021, Mr. Carter says that the goal is to run both the Three-Day and the Kentucky Invitational Grand Prix “with a carefully managed level of spectators”. The 2020 Kentucky Three-Day Event and the Invitational Grand Prix were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“For months the single, most asked question we’ve heard is, ‘What will the 2021 Kentucky Three-Day Event look like?’,” he wrote. “Our typical responses ranged from, ‘Great question,’ to ‘it changes every day.’ These answers are still applicable.”

“We cannot achieve our goal alone,” he continued. “We have been and continue to be in constant contact with US Equestrian, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the Kentucky Horse Park. The approval for spectators from each of these organizations is key to achieving our goal. These partners also recognize the challenges ahead and the work that must be done. They too are resilient.”

As the coronavirus refuses to yield its hold on the world, vaccine manufacturers are scrambling to produce the massive quantities that will be needed to inoculate enough people. Despite limited vaccine availability, some states in the U.S. have began to allow spectators back into sporting events. These stadiums, primarily within the National Football League, are operating on a case-by-case basis and allowing small amounts of spectators in states such as Florida and Texas. Looking to the status of spectators in Kentucky, the University of Kentucky did allow for about 12,000 spectators at its football games over the fall season after governor Andy Beshear authorized 20% capacity at stadiums back in September.