Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for the Father Figure in Your Life

Father’s Day is coming up tomorrow…here are some last-minute gift ideas that may be just what you need for some inspiration for that father figure in your life, whether he’s a horse person who rides, a horse person who isn’t really a horse person and got sucked into holding your horse at shows by default while it runs in a circle because you realized that you forgot to walk your course (cough, me), or anything in between.  Heck, I own the sunglasses myself in a different color, they’re that good.  Gallop on!

Life is Good Papa Bear Cap.  It’s a Papa Bear, so it’s perfect for Dad…Also, it says “life is good.” Even more visual reinforcement for him while he’s trying to understand why your class hasn’t started yet, or why your boot zipper just broke and you need emergency replacements that sort of cost several hundred dollars.  Life is good!  Oh, and it’ll protect Dad’s face from the sun.  Because horse show days are long days (but totally worth it!)




Yeti Rambler Tumbler.  Yeti coolers and tumblers are ingenious.  They keep drinks hot or cold for hours, and their texture is a matte finish to avoid accidental drops when some tumblers can get slippery from condensation.  It’s always important to stay hydrated at shows, whether you’re a rider, an actual competing horse, or anyone else helping out.  In addition, Yeti tumblers can hold a wide range of drinks, such as a neat Manhattan or a bit of another beverage when the end of a hot day is done. Dad will thank you, trust me.  (Also, my dad actually owns two of these tumblers and swears by them for keeping beer cold).




Goodr Sunglasses: The Empire Did Nothing Wrong Version. Goodr sunglasses are actually pretty amazing.  I personally own three pairs and use them for running.  No bounce, no slip, and they’re priced at only $25 each — great if you are good at losing sunglasses.  Dad will love these because they come in Dad-approved color combinations.  Also, they’re mirrored, so he can take a nap and rest at the show while still looking attentive and awake to outsiders!

Show Dad Shirt. OK, just couldn’t resist this one.  I laughed when I saw this.  My dad doesn’t pay for my horse expenses (sigh, adulting), but he has had to hold my horse before, including trying to make her stand still while I fiddled with the girth and whatnot.  This shirt will quickly integrate your dad fully into the horse show world.  Instant effects!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the father figures out there!  Go Jumping!