Last minute Olympic Team roundup and changes!

Here is a list of the remaining lineups for the Olympic show jumping teams headed to Tokyo, along with some of the last-minute changes to other teams. Note: The New Zealand team has been updated.

The French team is:

*Mathieu Billot and Quel Filou 13

*Simon Delestre and Berlux Z

*Nicolas Delmotte and Urvoso du Roch

*Pénélope Leprevost and Vancouver de Lanlore

The Mexican team is:

*Enrique Gonzalez and Chacna

*Eugenio Garza Perez and Armani SL Z

*Manuel González Dufrane and Hortensia van de Leeuwerk

*Patricio Pasquel and Babel

The Belgian team is:

*Niels Bruynseels and Delux van T&L

*Jérôme Guéry and Quel Homme de Hus

*Gregory Wathelet and Nevados S

The traveling reserve member is:

*Yves Vanderhasselt and Jeunesse

The New Zealand team is:

*Bruce Goodin and Backatorps Danny V

*Daniel Meech and Cinca 3

*Uma O’Neill and Clockwise of Greenhill Z, who have replaced Sharn Wordley due to an injury sustained by Verdini D’Houtveld

The Moroccan team is:

*Ali Al Ahrach and USA de Riverland

*El Ghali Boukaa and Ugolino du Clos

*Samy Colman and Davino Q

*Abdelkebir Ouaddar and Istanbul V/H Ooeivaarshof

The Canadian single horse and rider combination is:

*Mario Deslauriers and Bardolina 2

There have been a few changes to some of the teams, not unexpected in the world of horses!

The Dutch team had a last-minute shakeup, with Harrie Smolders’s Dolinn N.O.P. withdrawn due to lack of fitness. Harrie is still going with his second horse, Bingo du Parc, but as the reserve. His spot was taken by the original reserve, Willem Greve and Zypris S N.O.P.

Brazil also had a change, with ComicLuiz Francisco de Azevedo’s horse, suffering an injury. His spot is taken by Pedro Veniss and Quabri de L’Isle.

Finally, the host country of Japan had a replacement, with Mike Kawai and As De Mai, originally the non-traveling reserve, now joining the three team members.

As the rules allow for last-moment substitutions to the rosters for each team, there may well be further changes.