Long Spot Monday: Maddy vs. Beezie Edition

It’s Monday, which means that everything feels like one big long spot. It’s an “eyes up, heels down, grab mane and pray” kind of Monday. With any luck, we’ll make it to the other side unscathed, and try not to send too much splintered wood flying in the process.

But then again, if you’re Beezie Madden or her mini-me protoge and 2017 Maclay Finals Winner Madison Goetzmann, you can take that long spot LIKE A BOSS.

Beezie Madden and Madison Goetzmann for the win!

Going for the win! Who jumped it better? Trainer Beezie Madden / John Madden Sales, Inc in 2014 with Cortes 'C' or her student Madison Goetzmann & Prestigous yesterday to win the first leg of the $100,000 US Equestrian U25 Show Jumping National Championship ??? 🤔 Tune in today at 6:45 p.m. ET to see if they can hold their lead!Bookmark to watch: https://www.usef.org/network/coverage/U25Final17/

Posted by USEF Network on Friday, November 3, 2017

Beezie Madden first took the Miraculous Long Spot three years ago in the National Horse Show Grand Prix aboard Cortes ‘C’, and the resulting footage has since become one of Beezie’s most iconic moments on the internet. (You can see her full winning round here.) They also won the class with that performance, making the whole thing that much more magical.

And on Thursday night, Maddy Goetzmann decided to follow in her gutsy trainer’s footsteps in the $15,000 U25 Speed Class, and the same big risk had the same big payoff, winning the class and firmly planting Maddy Goetzmann on the list of future American superstars. They won the class fault-free and with a time of 61.968 seconds, beating Abigail McArdle and Chuck Berry 8 by nearly a full second.

“Being that it’s the first day of the championship, our plan was to go into the first phase and be assertive and quick enough, but still at a comfortable pace so you’re not risking too much,” said Maddy after the Thursday night win. “You want to be able to put a little bit of pressure on other riders, while still being within your comfort level and that worked out perfectly. We had a nice, efficient round.”

The two went on to take reserve honors overall in the U25 National Championship, and we’re certain to see plenty more from this 17-year-old young lady and her ten-year-old gelding.

Moral of the story, folks? Don’t fear the long spot. (I mean, maybe don’t pick it on purpose, but, you know.)

Go Jumping!