Look Back: A Day at LGCT Shanghai, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

The Longines Global Champions Tour is a stunning show jumping spectacle to follow.  The venues are sparkling, to say the least, in places like Miami by the beach and the glittering city of Paris.  Earlier this spring, LGCT postponed a few events in the season due to COVID-19 and now is working with the Alliance of Jumping Organizers (AJO) and the FEI to find new competition dates.  This past weekend would have been the LGCT Shanghai leg of the tour.

In college, I studied abroad in Shanghai and found the city fascinating.  Granted, this was a decade and a half ago (I am dating myself), but at the time the city was in a time of change.  Some parts were incredibly modern, with neon lights and futuristic architecture soaring into the sky.  Other parts consisted of quaint alleys where the noodle man wheeled a cart down the street, and you crouched on the curb to eat your lunch.  By hosting the LGCT in this city that brings so much change, it’s amazing to see two wonders combine: Show jumping and Shanghai.  Let’s look back to 2019’s Shanghai leg and marvel!



Last but not least, here is the namesake 2020 team for Shanghai: The Shanghai Swans.

Go Jumping!

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